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Reform and the surrey horses

Published: Sep 21, 2013

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Dear Editor,


The situation here in The Bahamas still remains critical. Nothing is being done about the horses or their situation. They are being continually run daily with no water, at illegal times of the day and with no regard for anything we are trying to accomplish and with no regard to the ‘inspections’ which are useless because the findings are ignored and not enforced, ever.

We had a letter to the editor of one of our papers that was written, gratefully, and sent in by PETA. While it caused some attention it was unfortunately very short lived.

Currently, after a meeting with the Cab Board, Minister on Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin and the BHS, Hanna-Martin would not consider taking the horses off the street and suggested a national stable.

When would that be completed? How much does she think the costs would be? Who would pay for it? Who would pay for the maintenance of the stable? Who would care for the horses and their stalls? Who would pay for the equine vet to come to Nassau monthly? His airfare? His lodging? The medications? Who would pay for all this? Farrier care? Dental care? On and on and on? Who would pay? Who would pay for the insurance? The government? I think not.

And, in the meantime do the horses continue to suffer unthinkable abuse, not being given food or water? How can we let this go on? How?

The horses need to get off the street now.


– Pauline FitzPatrick


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