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A passion for learning

Jada Charlton passed five BGCSEs and graduated from high school in the tenth grade
  • Persis Glinton-Charlton (left) and her daughter Jada Charlton. TRAVIS CARTWRIGHT-CARROLL TNG 2013

Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: Sep 25, 2013

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At 14, Jada Charlton, a student of Abraham’s Bay High School in Mayaguana, graduated high school whilst in the 10th grade.

Jada, along with her beaming mother Persis Glinton-Charlton, are proving that The Bahamas has brilliant students and parents.

Jada passed five BGCSEs in the tenth grade.

After that, her principal, Brian Williams, decided to contact her mother.

“At first when I was asked by her principal whether I would like for her to graduate I went home to my husband and told him,” Charlton said.

“I said, ‘They are thinking about graduating Jada’. So he said, ‘Well if they feel that she can do well at The College of The Bahamas it will be a jump start as far as her achieving her goals’.”

Jada, who is now 15, wants to be a neurosurgeon.

“It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to graduate,” she said.

“I feel blessed that I had this opportunity.”

Jada is majoring in biochemistry at COB.

She was awarded a scholarship to the college and is considering going to university in Canada or attending Harvard.

Jada said she’s enjoying the change to college.

“I think I’m doing great,” she said. “Going to classes, it’s not hard but it’s going good.”

Jada’s mother is grateful that her teachers took the time to allow her to follow her dreams.

Charlton worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources in Mayaguana and after her daughter was accepted to COB she sought a transfer.

“Seeing that she is a minor and she needs parental guidance I decided to put in for a transfer and the ministry was quick to accommodate me,” she said.

And just how was Jada able to accomplish graduating high school so young?

“From primary school I always noticed that she was always interested in her homework,” her mother said.

“If she had spelling words she would bring them to me. When I got off from work we would go through it at night, and in the morning she would still bring it back to me, so I always saw that she had this passion for learning.

“She always studied regardless of what was going on at school. She never really participated in the fun part of the school. She was always serious in her lessons and she always took it seriously.

“At this point I think this is the result of her being so serious and focused. She’s very focused and was always a mature person regardless of her age.”

Jada said she doesn’t consider herself to be a disciplined person.

“Being disciplined?” she asked. No, I just had really great parents. My father and my mother, they just encourage me to do well in school.”

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