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Purse demands stalling pro boxing activities


Published: Sep 28, 2013

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Boxing fans, for over three years now have been starved of professional activity in the country. The professional side of boxing is indeed dormant. What are the reasons?

Firstly, the market is a big problem. The economy is such that promoters face an uphill battle in getting gates that would enable them to at least break even. Funds are just not in abundance for fans to be able to budget $20 and upwards just for a single ticket.

What adds to the problem for promoters however are the outrageous purse demands of boxers.

I will use one example to make the point. It is my understanding that a former top rated boxer who has not won a fight in four years, is asking for $10,000.00 as his purse alone. Now this is totally ridiculous.

You haven’t been victorious in over four years.

Your market value has plummeted.

You never really packed them in even when at your best and now wish to have a promoter come up with $10,000 in the present market?

Bahamian observers of the sporting scene need to be aware of such requests that are not realistic.

How could a fighter possibly think about asking for more money than he ever made for a single fight? This is one of the difficulties promoters face. There are several of them who want badly to put shows on. They have communicated with the Bahamas Boxing Commission and are comfortable with the terms and conditions given for an endorsement.

They are ready to go.

There are quality Bahamian boxers like Taureano Johnson, Ryan McKenzie and Meacher Major, who are reasonable and very interested in performing in The Bahamas. They could be matched up with local-based fighters, but the purses being asked for, just can’t work in this market.

I told a prospective promoter, businessman Tommy Stubbs of Buttons Formal Wear, who has been trying to make a certain match, that one of the boxers in question just does not want to fight. Within his heart, he probably feels that another defeat will be the result, so the big demand of $10,000 is the cover for fear.

Nevertheless, the promoter indicated that he would work around that particular scenario and get into the promotion of boxing shows nevertheless. Stubbs has presented the Bahamas Boxing Commission with a good-looking plan and his timetable is for early 2014.

So, it appears that pro boxing will come alive again.

It’s a grand sport that has great history here in The Bahamas.

Best wishes Tommy!

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