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Dabox is your ultimate training facility

  • Charles Johnson, an RxCoach and certified cross training instructor, is pictured at Dabox, the newest workout facility in New Providence. FILE

Guardian Sports Reporter

Published: Sep 28, 2013

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It’s not your regular gym workout, in fact, it’s not even a gym. Dabox is the newest training facility in New Providence, that comes with a different twist.

There’s no need to worry about struggling while doing bench presses because there are no benches, cardio machines, exercise bikes or stairmasters to climb in Dabox. Trainer Charles Johnson is promising a pleasant surprise with fast results for those walking into the cubical training facility, located in the Airport Industrial Park. Johnson, who is also a trainer with G-Fit Performance, said Dabox is a broad based fitness workout.

“Anyone can do it, but it is based on your level of intensity, scaled to fit the person,” said Johnson. “I went away about two years ago and got certified for cross fit, what they call a “crave” of fitness. It has blown up worldwide and caught on in the Caribbean. We have the first box in the Eastern Caribbean. They call the workout areas boxes and not gyms. There are other boxes, but they are in the Latin part of the Caribbean.

“I am a certified level one coach. There are two certified Bahamian cross fit coaches, so far, myself and Tiffany Forbes, who was my first client in the box. We started out really small and now we are up to over 150 members. It is functional training, which means there are no machines. The average gym has machines and all their fancy equipment, but there’s none in the box. We train functional in there, which mimics the way the body should move, things that you use daily.

“We train daily at a high intensity. A lot of people are coming in now and are getting into this new training. We have three phases of the workout: cardio, gymnastics and weight lifting. When we blend those three together we get a broad based fitness program, like no other. That’s what makes it so popular.”

Every individual must complete an online registration form before you can step into Dabox. This allows the member to track their progress as well as view available class schedules. Small group classes, led by Johnson, the certified RxCoach, are designed to challenge each member physically and mentally. Johnson promises that no member will be blinded. In fact, six pre-sessions are held before the member is fully enlisted into the program. The monthly fee for the program is $75.

Johnson added: “When you take part in cross fit, you are talking about losing three different body fats a week. It is a high intensity workout. Once you get in what we call ‘Dabox’, you don’t come into the environment to do your own work out or own thing. Everything is prescribed. I write the work out and program the work out. Every day, the workout is different. You can’t call a person and ask them what we are going to do because with cross fit, the workouts are programmed differently everyday. Not one person can say that they had the same exact workout on a daily basis because there are thousands of different workouts. It keeps the body guessing, so thrill of not knowing keeps them coming back. It is a big fan fair.”

Classes are held Monday to Sunday, at various times. Since class sizes are limited and in high demand, participants are asked to book their workout sessions a week in advance. The website for interested persons is gfitperformance.rxgymsoftware.com.


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