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Enlist Haitians to curb Haitian immigration problem

Published: Sep 28, 2013

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Dear Editor,


It is absolutely incredible that Bahamian mailboats can take anywhere from eight to 14 hours or more to sail from Nassau to the southern Bahamian islands, do so almost daily and with engines, yet a Haitian sloop can sail right up to the capital and be under the cover of darkness for less than 11 hours and not be spotted.

Further, considering that there are flights from Mayaguana, Inagua, Ragged Island and other such far-flung islands, it is even more inconceivable that sloops cannot be spotted during the early morning, daytime or evening. Imagine only 10 hours of darkness and yet a sloop can travel 20 or more hours undetected. Unbelievable that there are Bahamian fisherman in the southern archipelago and no sightings. And let us not forget that the RBDF also contends that it patrols the waters.

Now on another note, it is obvious that neither Haitians in Haiti nor in The Bahamas give two hoots about how many Haitians flood this country. If half a million could make it here, then half a million would come. This shows absolute disdain, inconsideration and not an iota of care for the Bahamians who live in The Bahamas. Even those who have become naturalized, who look like us now due to integration and assimilation, don’t seem to care. As a matter of fact, they must take our law enforcement, our national sovereignty and our immigration (non) policy for a joke, a laughing stock. Their constant migration attests to this.

But here is the crux of this article. Since Bahamians have done a fantastic job on “can’t seem to stem the tide of illegal immigration”, why not enlist the illegal immigrants themselves? First, let the entire country band together to stop the migration aviators, boat captains and fishermen, to secure our borders. Secondly, we know that the illegal immigrants have contacts here. How else do they know which communities to run to? Here then is the most “brilliant” solution to ever come from the mind of a Bahamian: for every boatload that arrives here from Haiti, round up and collect five times that amount of undocumented immigrants and ship them back to Haiti. If not five times the amount then three times, or at the very least double the amount. And let us not talk about the expense involved – that is just plain malarkey.

I recommend the Bahamian government implement a “Double (or Triple) Return Immigration Policy”. Editor, I can guarantee you that just about every Haitian in The Bahamas would contact all their friends and relatives back in Haiti and beg them, “Please, no come to Bahamas. Please no come here.”


– Concerned Bahamian

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