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Since when did Perry Christie become a national hero?

Published: Oct 03, 2013

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Dear Editor,

The whistleblower was taken aback after viewing an ad on ZNS TV 13 saying that in commemoration of National Heroes Month it will be airing a series of broadcasts highlighting the lives and contributions of Bahamian national heroes such as the legendary composer and author of the Bahamian national anthem Timothy Gibson; the father of labor Sir Randol Fawkes; the first Bahamian prime minister Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling; the first Bahamian Governor General Sir Milo B. Butler; former leader of the Free National Movement and (former) Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and current Prime Minister Perry Christie.

The whistleblower can understand why Ingraham would be included in this list, even though he highly suspects he was just added for good measure by ZNS producers.  Ingraham is the father of the modern Bahamas insofar that he had ended the tyranny of the Pindling-led Progressive Liberal Party government 21 years ago and ushered in a mature form of democracy.  ZNS is not a huge fan of Ingraham or the Free National Movement, since it played a pivotal role in keeping the masses in political and intellectual darkness under Pindling.

Since May 2012, Progressive Liberal Party operatives such as the Rev. Dr. William Thompson, Fayne Thompson and Andrew Burrows were planted at ZNS in order to carry out the propaganda agenda of their party.  Therefore, instead of the ZNS motto “The People’s Station”, ZNS should really be called “The PLP’s Station”.  How can these people at ZNS in good conscience include Perry Christie in any national hero discussion and leave out Ingraham?  They couldn’t.  To have not included Ingraham would have been rightly perceived by the informed as blatantly biased.

The whistleblower cannot point his finger to any meaningful accomplishments Christie has made that would justify him being called a national hero.  The whistleblower challenges both Williams and Burrows to name one thing which warrants Christie being considered a national hero.  Just one would suffice.

Maybe Progressive Liberal Party operatives at ZNS think that because Christie has won two general elections and that his career in politics has spanned nearly four decades he is a national hero.  Or maybe it is because he is often given credit for the creation of Urban Renewal.  If it is the latter, then ZNS is being disingenuous as it is fully aware that Urban Renewal is the brainchild of former Governor General A.D. Hanna and not Christie.  Let it be known that one of the main reasons Christie won two general elections is because he and his party made many unrealistic promises that they knew they didn't have a snowball’s chance in hell of fulfilling.  He knows that many voters in this country are gullible and would believe anything you tell them once they have been riled up and conditioned at their political rallies, with the aid of free entertainment, free PLP T-shirts, free drinks and food and pure rhetoric, of course.

If Christie is a national hero, then it is only in the minds of the Progressive Liberal Party propagandists at ZNS.

— The whistleblower

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