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Who uses a blog and why and how can it benefit me?


Published: Oct 03, 2013

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Successful companies, like Southwest and Disney, have recognized the consumer’s desire to interact with and be informed about their favorite brands. A blog is another way to bridge the gap and create and maintain a close relationship with customers.

Nuts about Southwest

Southwest’s blog is one of the most popular airline blogs today. They use their blog, “Nuts About Southwest”, to build a relationship between their company and their brand. By understanding that their readers are typically loyal and frequent flyers, they make sure to cater content and media to their interests and needs.

On their blog, Southwest uses a diverse array of media including written articles, photos, surveys, videos and polls to engage their readers. They also provide a special feature where frequent readers can create an account, customize a profile and interact with other readers. They are then able to share travel experiences with each other, naturally increasing the content on Southwest’s blog.

Disney Parks

Disney has created their blog “Disney Parks” with the goal to encourage more visitors to their parks. They have created a more friendly and transparent tone in their blog by showcasing images of their blog authors, allowing readers to make a connection to the writers.

How to maximize your blog’s benefits for your company

Like with any other social media, a successful blog must be continually updated with new and relevant information. You may be wondering, what do you even include in a blog?

• New products and services: A blog is a great way to provide previews to and information about new products and services. This can include sneak peaks, beta invites, focus groups invitations and teasers. By providing this sneak peak and information to loyal readers, you can create buzz and a sense of excitement and anticipation about your company.

• Be an industry expert: Be the go to person and expert about your products and services and related products and services within the industry. Use your blogs to inform your customers and keep them educated. By also referring customers and informing them about industry-related products and services, you position yourself as a leader within your industry.

• Share customer success stories: Have you received positive feedback? Share it! Invite customers to become guest authors and post articles on your blog. By increasing the type of people who post on your blog, including authentic and real feedback from customers in addition to employee and company article contributions, you will build credibility with clientele.

Charlotte Gibson is a design professional with international branding experience. She holds a master’s degree in product design and has worked in England with international brands. She can be contacted at Charlotte@PureSaltDesign.com or www.puresaltdesign.com.

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