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Before his own master he stands or falls

Published: Oct 07, 2013

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Dear Editor,

The members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition will have a rough session ahead if the speaker of the House of Assembly does not make some “adjustments”.

I listened to his opening remarks recently and did not see any cause to even think that he would carry out the duties assigned to him as speaker.  It was obvious that he took some time to read his Bible during the recess, but the application he attempted to give was woefully inadequate.  He asked for the “spirit of Solomon” instead of asking for the spirit that Solomon started out with.  Does he intend to be like Solomon and turn his back on the Lord who has brought him this far?  With so many strikes against him in his attempts at impartiality, he has to minimize the space between what his duties are, and the spirit in which he performs those duties.

Those of us who make particular claims about being “Christian” must understand that all of the Bible reading or talk about being a “kingdom citizen” is not going to cut it if what we practice is suspect.  Whatever we practice becomes our theology, and what we do is the true indicator of who our true master is.

— Edward Hutcheson

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