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Disorder in our society

Published: Oct 09, 2013

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Dear Editor,

Perry Christie, Dr. Bernard Nottage, Ellison Greenslade: What kind of resolve could there be to tackle crime in The Bahamas and to reduce or to eliminate it, to nip it in the bud, if nothing at all is done about the so very obvious crime of disturbing the peace?

Vehicles allowed to go through our streets producing such a rumble with music thundering, or the thunder of motorbikes from hell that make our homes, our buildings, seem flimsy, shaking on their foundations and nothing is done or said about it.  I myself, because of my own upbringing, because of my own cultivation, do not dare disturb the peace.  But were I to disturb the peace as these people do and get away with it without a thing being done and without a word being said, I’d certainly feel that I could get away with murder.

If a child in the house is allowed to take the door off the fridge and nothing is said, you can certainly expect that next he or she is going to take the roof off the house and expect to get away with it.  Even without including the horrendous murders and the many robberies, what mayhem is left?  This chaos has to be addressed.

People carrying on generally like lunatics have to be placed in strait jackets and extracted, otherwise they drive all of the rest of us bananas or up a wall.  What a lack of tranquility in paradise.  What a lie to label such a place as paradise.  What a lie to suggest to the world and to ourselves that it is better here when disorder, when disruption, is the order of our days and of our nights.

– Obediah Michael Smith

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