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The courage to try new things

Palmdale liquor store sources alcoholic alternatives
  • Liquid Courage opened its doors in July 2012.

Guardian Business Reporter

Published: Oct 11, 2013

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It’s not your traditional liquor store with brands that you may be familiar with, but Liquid Courage Ltd. is giving you an opportunity to experience wines and spirits from around the world made in “boutique” distilleries.

“We want to give Bahamians an alternative to what they have been exposed to all along. So we have wines, vodkas and champagnes from across the world in our portfolio,” the store’s sales and marketing manager, Arame Ford, revealed in this week’s edition of Da Plunge.

In its Palmdale location, Liquid Courage offers a variety of wines, vodkas, champagnes, craft beers, a catering department and items that would complement any cocktail. One of its unique features is the Jambulance, a refurbished ambulance that’s being used as a party vehicle.

Since opening its doors in July 2012, she admitted that the company has been challenged to compete against other established liquor distributors on the market. But within the last six weeks, Ford said she has found that the “tides have been turning” and Liquid Courage is becoming more popular. Ford said customers would be pleasantly surprised at the brands that are available.

“People are just now beginning to consider us as a viable option. And as they taste our product, they are realizing that it’s a good counter to what they are used to. So we have had to create our own buzz through our clever marketing schemes,” according to Ford.

“Because Bahamians are not aware of our brands, they assume it’s no good. We have to partner with the small, independent retailers, and they too say to us because they are small business owners and they don’t have a lot of operating capital, they can’t afford to buy our products to put on the shelves if no one is asking for it.”

“At the moment, we are trying to fill every beverage category from low-end, to mid-range and premium brands.”

Currently, Liquid Courage has 12 employees, but Ford is confident that number will increase as business grows. In fact, customers may see an expansion in the store’s retail base soon.

“We are partnering with beverage retailers throughout the islands to have distribution on the larger Family Islands. I do see Liquid Courage expanding throughout the Family Islands,” she said.

“[In fact], I see us growing the business to the point where will rival a Sands or a Bristol with 10-15 locations. Easily, I can see us having at least four locations in the next five years.”

Liquid Courage is opened Mondays to Saturdays from 10:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.


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