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A response to ‘The Cubans and the marines’

Published: Oct 15, 2013

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Dear Editor,

I read with interest the above captioned letter to the editor published in your Friday, October 11, 2013 edition.

I note that the writer as a Bahamian was embarrassed by the attack (the video part of it clearly fraudulent) perpetrated by the unknown, unaccredited group Democracy Movement.  I also note that the writer is clearly of the view that the burden is on the marines who we represent to “attempt to prove” the falsity of the allegations made.  I also note that the writer in expressing comfort that no firearms were used by the marines “assumed” that the marines encountered no physical resistance.  He goes on to piously speak for all right-thinking Bahamians.

It is of some moment that the letter’s contents give such credibility to the sources responsible for the staged video to the extent that he feels that our clients must prove their innocence.  While this is a startling proposition it is consistent with the implication contained in the letter as a whole.  The exhortation for “the Progressive Liberal Party government to bring this matter to an end” has the feel of an exhortation for the government to somehow abandon this country’s marines to bring a manufactured embarrassing situation to an end.

Marines do not seek sympathy they deserve the support of a country they swear to defend to the very end.

– Wayne R. Munroe

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