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Is suing for slavery a good idea?

Published: Oct 15, 2013

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Dear Editor,

The proposal to sue England, France and Holland for reparations for slavery is an excellent one.

Perhaps we should also sue the relevant African tribal groups who subjugated and sold so many of their own race into bondage.

Maybe the Scots and Irish would like to join in a class action so they, too, may be compensated for their enslavement and occupation by the English.  The surviving relatives of the countless millions of Russians, Poles and Jews who were enslaved and exterminated may take heart and file their own action against Germany.

Just think of all the money everyone could make!

We could pay off the national debt which successive governments have saddled us, the meek and submissive, with, placing generations of Bahamians into yet another form of bondage.

With a bit of luck, money will be left over to make amends to all those Bahamian women whose lives have been upended, having been treated as second-class citizens in our own country since the constitution came into force in 1973.

The possibilities are endless!

– Athena Damianos

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