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Delinquent vendors at Arawak Cay and Potters Cay paying up

Over $200,000 in fees remain outstanding
Guardian Business Reporter

Published: Oct 15, 2013

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The government has collected approximately $300,000 from delinquent vendors on Potter’s Cay Dock and Arawak Cay, Guardian Business has learnt.

Agriculture Minister V. Alfred Gray confirmed that to date his ministry has reached the 50 percent mark in the collection process. And apart from a few people not paying on time, he said overall it is going “satisfactorily”.

“That pleases me greatly that everyone for the most part is making an effort. Out of the $500,000 plus that we had outstanding, we have collected about $300,000,” he said.

“It’s coming down,” he said. “They are doing, in my view, their best. Everybody is not 100 percent, but my view is if people are making an effort that’s good enough for me.”

Gray said there are some who continue to try to play the system, even while faced with the threat of having their stalls taken away.

He said he finds it “repugnant” that some vendors refuse to bring their payments up to date.

In August last year, Gray had threatened to shut down the business of vendors who were not making lease payments. At that time, he said vendors owed just over $587,000, with some owing the government as much as $50,000. As a result, an aggressive collections program for those delinquent vendors was introduced.

During a meeting, Gray said it was agreed that vendors on Arawak Cay would pay $200 a month and vendors on Potter’s Cay Dock would pay $100 a month on their arrears, while keeping their leases current.

Gray confirmed to Guardian Business that Potter’s Cay Dock has 21 food vendors and Arawak Cay has over 30 vendors, and the rates that they are required to pay are not fixed, but based on the size of the stall or the space that is being leased.

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