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Neglect and the Abaco airport

Published: Oct 16, 2013

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Dear Editor,

Mistakes can be forgiven. Better yet, they can be forgotten.

With the right mix of transparency, humility and actual progress even the biggest missteps can be brushed under the table.  In fact, do right by the public, honestly, and you can even come out smelling like roses despite how messy the situation.

What works is honesty.  What works is owning up to mistakes.  What works is acting like you are our representatives.  What works are results.

What doesn’t work is blowing past deadline after deadline that the government itself sets.  Be honest with yourselves.  Be honest with us.

What doesn’t work is making vague references to “technical issues”.  Issues such as moving the switch for the runway lighting from one area to another are not in any way legitimate excuses to deny this island our bread and butter month after month.

What doesn’t work is laying blame.  Get to work.  Stop laying blame.  Instead, lay bricks.  Lay the “bricks” that will get this airport open.  You and the opposition can play your games and bicker.  Just don’t do it when livelihoods are at stake.

What doesn’t work is saying we’re broke.  Abaco has contributed our fair share.  You know this island is a winning bet.  Why hobble us with inferior infrastructure?  Why shoot yourselves in the foot?  Spending the money to get that airport open is a much quicker way for our country to make money than taxing airlines into oblivion.

How many airline executives have sat patiently waiting to open Abaco up to more airlift and new routes?  How much longer will they wait?  How many have already thrown up their hands in disgust and made preparations for somewhere else that has the infrastructure and doesn’t charge them oppressive taxes?  We rely on the tourist dollar.  Please don’t take it from them before they even get a chance to spend it in our restaurants and shops.

If it truly is just a laundry list of “technical issues” then I have full faith this airport can be opened for the Christmas season.  Because we’re not even close to an election, I am assuming the airport isn’t being treated as a political chip.

Please.  I am begging the powers that be to shut me up.  Open this airport.

– Bradley M. Albury, editor-in-chief, The Abaconian

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