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Debunking the vegan myth

Da Bahamian Vegan specializes in catering, lunches, private chef services and consultations
  • Giovan Cooper.

Guardian Business Reporter

Published: Oct 18, 2013

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When you think of a typical Bahamian meal, it probably consists of chicken, coleslaw, macaroni and peas n’ rice.  In other words, the plate is filled with meat and not many greens. But nowadays, it seems that more and Bahamians are choosing healthier lifestyles either through vegetarianism or veganism.

Giovan Cooper, better known as ‘Da Bahamian Vegan’, believes that food has the power to heal.

After becoming a vegan less than a year ago, Cooper said he was determined not only to utilize his passion for food, but clear up misconceptions along the way.  Since starting his company nearly five months ago, the response has been overwhelming.

“I wanted to clear up the taboo behind vegan and vegetarian food not having taste, not having good texture or that it tastes like ‘cardboard’.  I wanted to prove to people that’s not true,” he revealed in this week’s edition of Da Plunge.

“I hate when people say that they miss the taste of meat.  I tell people it’s not the meat that has the taste, but it is what you flavor your food with.  As a vegan, you have the opportunity to now experiment with many fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, herbs and beans.”

Da Bahamian Vegan specializes in catering, lunch delivery, private chef services and consultations for people that are interested in transitioning into the vegan lifestyle.  Plans are also being finalized for a program which would give people the opportunity to detox their bodies through juice cleansing.  Raw foods and smoothies are just some of the delicacies that Cooper offers.

“My philosophy is whatever you put in your body is what will come out.  I believe that food heals.  Once your base is plant-based where you mostly consume fruits and vegetables, you are getting more of the nutrients,” he said.

As the brand gains popularity, Cooper is confident that Da Bahamian Vegan will become a global brand.  Recently he got an offer to write an article for one of the top vegetarian magazines in the United Kingdom.  That publication is expected to feature people dealing with veganism in their respective countries.

“It’s just me right now but within the next month, I am looking to hire one or two people.  My vision for the brand for the next year or two is for it to be global, but I want my home base to be in The Bahamas.  Based on my following and popularity on social media, I know it’s possible,” according to Da Bahamian Vegan.

“Everything is home-based right now, but my dream is to one day have a food truck.  With that, I would be able to take the brand island-wide and country-wide as well.”

• For more information on Da Bahamian Vegan, log on to Facebook at “Da Bahamian Vegan” or Instagram at “Da_bahamian_vegan.



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