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DNA is trying to usurp FNM’s role as opposition

Published: Oct 19, 2013

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Dear Editor,


Diehard supporters of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, the Free National Movement (FNM), were not amused at all after hearing of the Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) announcement in the press to pay the highly publicized $2,500 that Government House reportedly charged the FNM for a reception which was held after the appointment of Carl Bethel as senator.

I think the leadership of the DNA is being disingenuous when it pointed out that all it keeps hearing in the media is this $2,500. This supposedly benevolent act has an ulterior motive or hidden agenda behind it. Sensing that their fringe party is as relevant as yesteryear’s newspaper, the leadership of the DNA is simply seeking to use this highly publicized matter in order to buoy their fledgling political organization. Based on the many write-ups I am seeing in the newspapers that are written by DNA leaders, and based on their constant presence in the electronic media, I am convinced that DNA leaders are trying to usurp the FNM as Her Majesty’s Official Opposition. The DNA is attempting to woo voters who are deeply dissatisfied with the Progressive Liberal Party government by persuading them that it is a more effective opposition than the FNM.

Just recently the hierarchy of the DNA was in Grand Bahama, where it introduced their newly appointed chairman and announced that it will be establishing branches in each of the constituencies on that island and throughout the rest of the country in 2014. Once again this party, which doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning one seat in Parliament, let alone the general election, is amazingly planning on contesting the 2017 general election. From my vantage point, it would appear that the leaders of this party are gluttons for electoral punishment. The commonly held perception among many DNA supporters that their party did very well in last year’s general election is just that – a perception.

Truth be told, however, the DNA only secured 13,206 votes. This figure sounds impressive until one realizes that 13,206 only represents a meager 8.5 percent of the votes cast. Still, while the leaders of the DNA failed to win the government, it did play a pivotal role in toppling the administration of Hubert Ingraham. Whereas independent and DNA candidates played spoiler to the PLP in three constituencies, at the minimum, 15 FNM seats were affected by DNA and independent candidates. Had it not been for the DNA, the FNM would have been the government today. The thing that should deeply trouble every FNM is the DNA’s plan to contest the 2017 general election.

I don’t think the FNM can win an election as long as the DNA is fielding candidates in every constituency. These candidates will mostly pull away votes from FNM candidates, as was the case in 2012. In order to counter this, the official opposition must now give focused attention to the DNA with the view of derailing any plans it has of causing the FNM to lose in 2017. The FNM must now engage in a two-pronged attack; it can no longer afford to ignore this party, which has become a nuisance.


– Kevin Evans

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