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No need to change Columbus Day

Published: Oct 19, 2013

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Dear Editor,


Christopher Columbus was a lost seafarer with ambitions of a short western route to India. However, beyond the end of hope he made apocalyptic contact upon these dots of islands. Columbus was born in Genoa, Spain, October 31, 1451 and died May 20, 1506.

The sight of gold on the indigenous Lucayans led to forced labor and horrors upon them by Columbus for Spain, but in the end alien diseases decimated most of the native populations. The first report of African slavery to the New World was in 1502 by the Portuguese to Brazil.

Columbus’ landfall upon these dots of islands totally shifted and determined the course of human history. Foods, diseases, races of people crisscrossed with surplus of land, shortage of labor, gold and global expansion of power taking hold. A never-ending epoch began upon these dots of islands October 12, 1492 that the world still heralds as the day of contact. This significant day in human history was marked before our birth and is etched upon the sands and cemented in world history til long after we are entombed to dust.

Did some zealot commit historical malpractice and impose historical and intellectual dictatorship upon us? This historical toxicity to erase the one iconic symbol these dots of islands graced the world with is historical treachery. No historical revisionism can erase Christopher Columbus from Bahamian chronicles and global monumental events that were consequence thereof. Who are these pseudo nationalists who destroyed the pinnacle of our nation’s heritage?

The Bahamas at 40 years of independence shows the world the petty manner of our bearing upon these dots of islands that for us began with Christopher Columbus. Maturity should have led us to build heroes among ourselves and on top of that which we met here, for surely the history of these dots of islands should not be one man’s fancy. In whose name do they speak in placing the guillotine to our history? Are they jealous of you Columbus, your mark upon civilizations for eternity?

No Bahamian in our time can eclipse Columbus’ historical greatness. His landmark locked upon these dots of famed islands. He cannot defend himself against the penned axmen of history who struck out the one great wonder from beyond our times. Columbus’ historical reenactment of when, where, and God knows, why is written within the eternal fabric of world history as significant primarily to these dots of islands.

Contact, as Columbus’ discovery of these dots of islands for Spain is known, heralded the course of human destiny and impacted the Caribbean, Africa, the Americas – from Canada to Argentina and Europe. Contact birthed nations, including our national existence in the ebb and flow of human civilization.

One man’s fanatical crusade led to a gross miscarriage of history. Columbus is the forefather of our nation – a people of mixed Africans and Europeans. These dots of islands have bred bloody pirates, shipwreckers, rum and gunpowder runners, drug traffickers and human smugglers. Our indigenous Lucayan descendants alone can curse Columbus, but in their humbleness they accept fate and destiny.

We cannot bloom a future by destroying our past.


– Carlton Robinson


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