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Cleaning up the waterway

  • The clean up group. Pictured from left are Emma Carroll, Jackie Carroll, Ryan Carroll, Kathy Brown Brackett, Brigitte Pilgrim, Jack Nash, Candice Woon and Andre Sturrup. At front is Gary Simmons, and diving dog, Omska. PHOTOS: SARAH KIRKBY

Published: Oct 19, 2013

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Ryan Carroll took to the waters just west of the Grand Lucayan Waterway jetty recently with one thing in mind, an underwater cleanup of Discovery Bay to rid the sea bottom of trash from the rocks going west about 500 feet or more and out off the beach a similar distance. Trash bags and water were provided. Participants brought gloves and snorkel gear. A kayak or a windsurfer board with a drum attached was recommended to help to collect trash from the divers. Volunteers snorkeled to the bottom to remove trash and it was bagged ashore.

"The cleanup went well. Calm seas, bright sunshine and about 15 to 18 volunteers collected over 1,000 pieces of trash just off the beach in five to eight feet of water. We filled seven large trash bags and also a car tire," said Carroll.

“I guess the idea came from Ryan,” said his wife Jackie. “He was in the water one day and saw all this crap and thought it would be a good idea. This is an area that most people don't see, so it goes ignored, but it has made me wonder how much more garbage there is out there on the ocean floor if there was that much in just a very small area that was worked. It’s very sad how people toss overboard thinking out of sight out of mind,” she said.

Volunteers who helped with the underwater cleanup effort included Emma Carroll, Jackie Carroll, Ryan Carroll, Kathy Brown Brackett, Brigitte Pilgrim, Jack Nash, Candice Woon, Gail Woon, Andre Sturrup, Gary Simmons, Omska, Leigh Termath, Robin Termath, Bob Tarzwell and David Warren.

"It was a very fun experience to go out and clean up a small portion of our environment. I was honestly surprised to see how much garbage was hiding just a few feet out in the water," said Andre Sturrup, youth ambassador for EARTHCARE/Save the Bays.

“The underwater cleanup was awesome! It was really fun and I’m glad that I could have helped out with removing some of the pollution other than just on the land. It was really important to get the pollution out of the water. I hope we can do it again,” said Candice Woon.



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