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The ramblings of the FNM leader

Published: Oct 23, 2013

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Dear Editor,

It appears that Dr. Hubert Minnis has suddenly fancied himself a writer, one who wishes to portray himself as waxing semi-eloquent on paper.  But, are those words really Minnis’ or are infrequent appearances in the newspapers the writings of another with Minnis merely taking credit?

Amazingly, Minnis has seemingly forfeited his role as leader of the opposition for pretending to be a wannabe newspaper columnist, with inches of propaganda or so-called columns appearing in the major newspaper on any given week.  Interesting, one wonders if Minnis could articulate these same views during a live national debate or on a live broadcast.  After all, if these are truly his ideas, he should be able to fluently speak to them, right?

Of late, Minnis has seemingly been merely a purveyor of doom, offering criticisms left and right, day and night and proposing no tangible solutions.  He has never ever given the government credit for anything when – whilst they have been a horrendous bunch – there are some things that any honest leader could admit that the other side has done well or halfway decent.

And so, the so-called wannabe leader of columnists, portraying himself as offering great insight into the country’s current affairs and future, should really look within himself as one can hardly line up his public utterances and histrionics in Parliament to his sudden writing expeditions.

Minnis should get on with paying the bill owed to Government House, seek to build a credible presence and release this so-called 20-year plan he has to build the new Bahamas.  I’m a cynic.  I truly believe that he doesn’t have such a plan but, like the average Bahamian politician, he’s flamming.  Minnis, the honeymoon is over, and there are many in the FNM wondering “what’s next?”

– Pedro Lightbourne

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