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Airport sports Wall Of Fame badly in need of updating

Sports Scope

Published: Oct 24, 2013

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The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, some years ago, brought the National Hall of Fame prominently back on stream.  The annual affair is now one of the top social/sports events on the calendar each year in the country.

Many in the sporting community look forward to the event.  In truth, the selection process is questionable in some cases.  Nevertheless, for the most part, it is a very good signature happening in the country.  It pays tribute to the valuable contributors to the national development of the country through sports.

The Airport Wall of Fame is intended to play an identical role from a purely national point of view and then more.  The selected sports persons on the Airport Wall of Fame are supposed to be those who brought prominence to the country through their achievements on the world stage.

It appears though that this avenue that tourists and Bahamian travellers are to walk through, to get a look at the international sports icons, is often neglected.  The time is right for an updating of the wall.  I recall, when Neville Wisdom was the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, he made sure that at least three more sports ambassadors were added to the wall.

They were Mychal Thompson, Danny Smith and Ed Armbrister.  Wisdom has been out of the picture since 2007.  Perhaps it’s just an oversight on the part of those under whose jurisdiction the Airport Wall of Fame falls.  I’m not targeting them for criticism at all.

I call though for the process to be reactivated.  There are more qualified candidates for the wall.

There are contrasting views about the Airport Wall of Fame, depending upon who is speaking.  There are those who are convinced that the honorees are wrongly positioned.  In truth, during the walk-by, travellers are more eager to complete the entry procedures.

Once, I was on a committee charged with the responsibility to select an appropriate place to locate the photographs of the sporting icons.  We determined that the waiting area in the international section was ideal.  A report in kind was presented.  There was no follow-up.

The thought behind the decision was that while awaiting flights, travellers had sufficient time to browse the Wall of Fame and read the captions to get a good idea of the contributions made by those so honored.

I still think that’s the way to go.  Until that time however, depending upon whether the powers that be are of the same mindset, it will remain where it is and serving a purpose nevertheless.

It needs to be updated though.

As the national sports industry expands that is one of the items that deserves much more attention.

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