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MP: Inagua’s economy ‘very strong’

V. Alfred Gray claims ‘everyone who wants to work, can’
Guardian Business Reporter

Published: Oct 25, 2013

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Member of Parliament for the MICAL constituency V. Alfred Gray is applauding Morton Bahamas Ltd. for making Inagua a “very strong” island economically.

Morton Bahamas is the largest employer on the island.

Gray recently told Guardian Business that Inagua is “not an example of bad economy”.

He believes the company’s success is based on the international demand for the product.

“It’s a phenomenal company that employs just about everybody that wants to work. Morton Salt is the substratum of the economy there,” he said.

“Wherever there is snow, people around the world flock to Morton Salt, knowing that salt is a retardant. If you put salt on snow, it melts. As a result, Morton Salt has been able to make billions in profits.”

“The company is producing a product, which is being demanded internationally. They make salt. So everybody in Inagua who wants to work, can and have been working.”

However, the MICAL MP said Inagua’s booming economy is not a reflection of how the other islands in the constituency are faring.

Outside of Inagua, Gray pointed out that there is very little economic activity for Mayaguana, Crooked Island, Acklins and Long Cay.

“Nothing has worsened since the days of the good life. Everything, in my view has remained rather stagnant over the last 15-20 years. So people are accustomed to the present circumstances. It is my hope though as the member of Parliament that things would change dramatically so that young people can stay home and work, rather than move to Nassau when they finish school,” he told Guardian Business.

“As they yearn for some kind of development that will bring employment, I am trying my best to find interested investors for the islands because there is very little economic activity.”

His comments to Guardian Business come as the government reviews a development proposal for Long Cay. While the details of the proposal have yet to be released, Gray said developers are seeking to have an airport on the island. It’s a decision the government has not made as yet, but if approved, the project could bring much-needed economic relief to its residents.

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