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Cookie thief asks court for help

Published: Oct 29, 2013

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An admitted cookie thief yesterday pleaded with a magistrate to “help” him overcome his addiction to stealing after being caught red-handed with a variety of cookies stolen from the Girl Guides headquarters.

William Bowe, 52, of no fixed address, admitted to stealing the cookies when he appeared before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis yesterday.  He was arrested by police officers after jumping a wall at the Bahamas Girl Guides headquarters on Marcus Bethel Way last Thursday night.

His bag of goodies contained custard creams, Bourbons, ginger snaps and fruit shortcake cookies, and a hammer.

“I think you are a kleptomaniac,” Rolle-Davis told Bowe.  “Do you know what a kleptomaniac is?”

Without hesitation Bowe responded, “a thief”.

Bowe, a bearded, slightly built man, was arrested on Thursday night by officers after he went to collect his loot from where he had it stashed outside earlier that day.  He had been helping out at the Girl Guides headquarters when he decided to hide some of the cookies and return later to collect the booty.

But Bowe was in for a shock when the first people he encountered after scaling the wall to make his getaway were police officers.  He was arrested immediately without incident.

After Sergeant Godfrey Brennen read a brief summary of the facts, including a bit about Bowe actually breaking into the building to steal the cookies, Bowe was quick to point out that he had not actually entered the building.  He said he had explained that to the arresting officers who told him to “tell that to the judge”.

“I tief the biscuits,” he admitted, his head bowed.  “I was hungry.  But I ain’t break in there.”

Rolle-Davis said Bowe, who is no stranger to the court, “is usually upfront with me”.

“How old are you?  56?” asked the magistrate.

“Somewhere around there,” Bowe said, as the courtroom erupted into laughter.

“I need help, man,” Bowe said finally.

Rolle-Davis, hearing the man’s plea, said he believed Bowe needed counselling.  Bowe agreed.

And with that, the magistrate ordered Bowe to return to court on December 9 when the court will decide how to resolve the matter: “... I will see if I will send you to jail, or get a job, or whatever.”

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