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Are you prepared for Shebada’s ‘Chixta’ (trickster)?

Natural Empress Productions brings the new day king of Jamaican comedy to The Bahamas for a one-run comedic play
  • The new day king of Jamaican comedy Keith “Shebada” Ramsey, at back left, is bringing his latest comedic play “Chixta” (pronounced trickster in Jamaican Patois) to The Bahamas as he celebrates his 10th year in theater. Pictured with Shebada are cast members (from left, back row) Luke Ellington, Suzette Barrett, Monique Eillis (a double, who won’t be coming) and Garfield “Bad Boy Trevor” Reid. From left at front is Carline Brown, Tasanique Thomas and Trudy Bunting (who also won’t be appearing). “Chixta” is being brought to a Bahamian stage by Natural Empress Productions and BTC Mobile. Photo: RENEE “NATURAL EMPRESS” DAVIS

Guardian Lifestyles Editor

Published: Mar 03, 2017

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The storyline: A professional con woman by the name of Sketrella, who also goes by the aliases Gloria and Gladys, decides to con a man known as Useful, who owns his own house, a beauty salon and is the recent winner of $60 million lotto jackpot. Sketrella starts to make plans to travel abroad for a shopping spree and decides to hire a babysitter. The only problem, the children are teenage daughters.

And the stage is set for the Keith “Shebada” Ramsey comedy stage play “Chixta” — which translated from Jamaican Patois is pronounced trickster. The seven-man comedy stage play is being brought to town for one performance only by Natural Empress Productions with BTC mobile.

“We need some comic relief,” said Renee “Natural Empress” Davis. “There is so much happening, everyone is so uptight right now. People need to let loose … loosen that tie and relax and just laugh. Laughter is good for the soul.”

The comedic play written by Michael Denton and directed by B. Lloyd Allen, is one Davis said can be enjoyed by adults and children and is family-friendly.

“He [Shebada] has said there are no expletives and nothing with too much sexual content,” said Davis who will see the show for the first time when Shebada and his crew take to the stage. Run time for the production is an hour-and-a-half.

The comedy play will be staged Saturday, March 4 at the 1,000-seat William Thompson Auditorium at the Bahamas Baptist Community College on Jean Street.

“Shebada who is hailed as the new age Oliver Samuels of comedy … the new day king of Jamaican comedy, is celebrating 10 years in theater this year, and he’s on a world tour with this brand new production which everyone should want to see as he’s not been here in over five years. The last time he was here, he performed to record crowds, so all hail the return of Shebada to the 242,” said Davis.

Those people that have followed his career would be familiar with Shebada’s previous works, which include Bashment Granny 1, Bashment Granny 2 and Banggarrang.

Davis expects the performance to be a runaway hit, because Shebada is a person for whom comedy comes naturally, even in his everyday life and not only when he’s performing.

“Shebada is on and off stage, a character. Even in just our everyday talks I’m laughing. I’ve met so many comedians in my lifetime — I remember when I met Martin Lawrence I was so hurt that he was just not the ‘wassup’ kind of person he was on TV — whereas Shebada on the other hand, on and off stage, you are bound to laugh, you’re bound to hold your belly, because he is just that funny.”

Davis, who says she is one of Shebada’s biggest fans, said it’s an honor for her to bring his show to town and that it will add another successful notch to her entertainment belt.

“Natural Empress Productions has been doing shows throughout the 242 for a very long time, including kid friendly, and everyone is looking forward to the most anticipated kid’s event of the year — Peppa Pig and Friends which returns in August to lots of concerts and club events. This is just another notch under my belt. I’ve never brought a stage play as such, so this is a first.”

Tickets to Chixta are $25 general admission and $50 VIP advance purchase, and can be purchased at Pepper N Spice and Juicin’ … for life! or $40 general admission and $70 at the door. The first 100 persons to top up $20 at the door will be given free admission. The doors open at 7:30 p.m., showtime is at 8:30 p.m.


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