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Health & Wellness

Don’t panic
The title of today’s article only contains two words, but oh is it important — don’t panic. Now firstly let me state quite clearly that at times and under certain circumstances it may indeed be extremely difficult not to panic. For example, you...
Step up for health
Forty-five percent of Bahamian children between the ages of 13 and 15 are obese or overweight, according to the Bahamas Global School-based Student Health Survey 2013. In the breakdown, 24 percent of that total is female, and 18 percent is male. The ...
Empowered women to empower other women at inaugural IWES
Empowered women empower other women — and the inaugural International Women’s Empowerment Summit (IWES) will allow professional women and entrepreneurs to do just that and more. IWES Bahamas 2016 is the summit for aspiring and successful female ...
Smoking and your feet
Smoking cigarettes has long been known to have detrimental health effects on the body, contributing to problems such as heart disease and lung cancer. Smoking can also have many lesser known but just as deadly health effects on the feet. The feet ar...
Interval training for faster results
Want to get more out of your workouts? There’s a little secret in the fitness world called interval training. Rather than doing the same cardio exercise your entire workout, interval training alternates short, high-intensity bursts of exercise with...
The sunny side of the street
When I was a young boy I played piano and music was my passion. When I was just 18 after leaving school, although I had a job during the day, at the weekends I formed a trio (piano, bass and drums) and I used to play at private parties and at tennis ...
Multi-disciplinary approach necessary in sickle cell surgeries
As the world observes Sickle Cell Awareness Month, Dr. G. Ashaini Knowles, consultant general and pediatric surgeon, says surgery in patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) is generally safe when performed by a multi-disciplinary team. However, he ca...
Nine things that happen when you get fit
Physical fitness — it’s a goal, a lifestyle, a surefire way to set yourself apart from the legions of people who are too lazy or scared to make the changes necessary to gain physical fitness. If you happen to be one of the people who have yet to ...
Dance injuries to the foot and ankle
We have all sat and watched a beautiful ballerina or an Olympic gymnast perform, and applauded at the end of the performance. But how many of us have paused to consider the demands dancing places on their feet and the possible injuries dancers may de...
Imprisoned by self
Now I guess that some when they initially read the title of this particular article may indeed be a bit puzzled by it saying, “But D. Paul, surely we are imprisoned by others who put us in jail?” Well believe me, I fully understand your reasoning...
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