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Health & Wellness

Nine things that happen when you get fit
Physical fitness — it’s a goal, a lifestyle, a surefire way to set yourself apart from the legions of people who are too lazy or scared to make the changes necessary to gain physical fitness. If you happen to be one of the people who have yet to ...
Dance injuries to the foot and ankle
We have all sat and watched a beautiful ballerina or an Olympic gymnast perform, and applauded at the end of the performance. But how many of us have paused to consider the demands dancing places on their feet and the possible injuries dancers may de...
Imprisoned by self
Now I guess that some when they initially read the title of this particular article may indeed be a bit puzzled by it saying, “But D. Paul, surely we are imprisoned by others who put us in jail?” Well believe me, I fully understand your reasoning...
Think, believe & achieve
For almost three decades, Michael Munnings worked in the banking sector, where he helped people achieve their goals and dreams — but he also had a passion for coaching people to help them live the lives they desired. With that in mind, he will host...
Choosing athletic shoes for your children
Summer for some children is already over, with the majority of children preparing to return to school in a matter of days. Not only will they be hitting the textbooks, but they will also be returning to their many sporting activities including track,...
The five percent club
I consider myself to have been extremely fortunate to have been associated with and indeed learned from so many wonderful teachers over the years — people like Earl Nightingale, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Dr. Denis Waitley, Dr. Paul Masters and many, many ...
Life expectancy increasing with better sickle cell treatment
ust as people are encouraged to know their HIV/AIDS status, Pediatric Hematologist Dr. Corrine Sin Quee Brown encourages people to know their sickle cell status, a screening for which she says only needs to be once, unlike testing for HIV/AIDS. Whil...
Seven ways to manage your weight
You’ve heard that managing your weight is all about the lifestyle, and not the quick fix, so today I’d like to give you seven habits that fit people have, which can be applied to your own life.   • Approach each day with perspective...
Dealing with back-to-school foot pain
After wearing flip-flops all summer, some students will head back to school this fall with foot pain and even injuries. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) reminds parents and students that foot pain isn’t normal and can be redu...
As hire As whereas Bs hire Cs
I happened to be watching T.V a little while back when Senator Ted Cruz who was running at the time to hopefully be the Republican candidate for president of the U.S. (United States) commented, that if he won the nomination for the party Carly Fiorin...
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