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Health & Wellness

Unlocking hidden potential: Pretty Brown Girl Club #14 to host 4th Annual Mother-Daughter Conference on May 6.
Pretty Brown Girl Club #14 will host their 4th Annual Mother-Daughter Conference to help mothers and daughters unlock their hidden and full potential. Moms-only workshops for mothers who dream of achieving their goals, as well as age appropriate ses...
Kevin Bagnold is the biggest loser
A group of five Bahamians is 99 pounds lighter after participating in the grueling, six-week Platinum Weight Loss Solution’s biggest loser and fitness challenge, held in collaboration with Doctors Hospital Bahamas Medical Fitness Center. But emergi...
Blisters on the feet
Blisters are fluid-filled bumps that look like bubbles on the skin. They pop up when fluid collects in pockets under the top layer of your skin. They can be filled with pus, blood, or serum — the clear, watery part of your blood. Most are round and...
Rotary has heart: Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation receives donation from East Nassau club
Rotary clubs in the Eastern United States and across the Caribbean are combining resources to promote community service projects reflecting Rotary International’s six areas of focus — basic education and literacy, economic and community developme...
Continuing the blue fight
The numbers are unchanged from two years ago — one in 68 is the estimate of autism prevalence in children by the United States Center for Disease Control — a number that is high, but that is still a major shift in the past two decades. It was one...
Dunkin’ Donuts partners with Seahorse Institute to kick off Autism Awareness Month in a sweet and inspiring way
During Autism Awareness Month, Dunkin’ Donuts Bahamas, the all-day, everyday stop for coffee, sandwiches and baked goods, has partnered for the second consecutive year with the Seahorse Institute, one of the country’s leading organizations provid...
Obesity ties to colon cancer
The next time someone asks you to go for a walk or get up and dance — jump at the chance. The simple act of moving may take you steps closer to avoiding cancers associated with sedentary lifestyles and obesity — so say doctors and medical researc...
Presbycusis, hearing loss associated with aging that will affect all of us to some degree if we live long enough
Hearing loss in seniors can create one of the most difficult and lonely parts of aging. The frustration, pain, and isolation seniors experience in their relationships with family members and friends due to communication barriers resulting from hearin...
Collaboration expands availability of gastrointestinal healthcare
Comprehensive gastrointestinal services are now available at Family Medicine Center (FMC) on Blake Road as a result of a new collaboration with The Centre for Digestive Health. Through the new working arrangement, Dr. Harold Munnings and Dr. Flloyd C...
Vitamin D and bone health
Today, although many foods are fortified with vitamin D, most persons find it surprisingly hard to get enough — even for us living here in The Bahamas where most of our days are sunny. Many people working office jobs rarely see the sun because they...
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