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Health & Wellness

Flatfoot in children
It brings great joy when parents see the fat, cuddly feet of their children and watch them waddle down the hallway making their first steps. Those cute, flat, cuddly feet are one of the hallmarks of childhood that can become a vexing foot problem lat...
No risks, no rewards
My friend, do you really understand the very important lesson in living contained in today’s title, no risks, no rewards? Well do you? You see, there are, unfortunately for them, a whole lot of people spread throughout this great big world of ours ...
‘Indoor air quality 100 times more potent than outdoor’
Ten days after a blazing fire erupted at the New Providence Landfill, smothering land and air with billowing, acrid black smoke, a leading physician urged residents displaced by the fire and its aftermath to stay away as long as they can, or ensure t...
Kids receive free dental services at Faith Dental Centre on World Oral Health Day
Dr. Joy C. Pickstock and associates of Faith Dental Centre, located at Pickstock Place, Robinson Road, treated children from the 2017 graduating class of Albania Christian Academy to free dental screenings, cleanings and other services on World Oral ...
KFC Nassau provides hunger relief with $18,000 in donations to eight local charities
Hunger, and the effects it has on families and communities, is a longstanding issue in The Bahamas. One of the country’s fast-food restaurant leaders, KFC Nassau, continued its work to eradicate hunger with a recent presentation to eight local char...
Smelly feet
A common and vexing foot problem that is often not spoken of is sweaty feet, which when left untreated leads to a smelly foot odor. This is also affectionately called “Toe Jam”. Have you ever shaken hands with or touched the feet of a friend or ...
Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Pride is something that I feel has its pluses and its negatives. In other words, it’s as many would describe it, a double edged sword. This simply means that it has its place, its good points and its minuses, its destructive parts. It is my person...
JITG here we come!
Philip Andrew Rolle, a six-time Jazz In The Gardens (JITG) veteran, was all set to purchase his tickets today for him and his wife Denise to attend what has become the City of Miami Gardens’ premiere entertainment event that celebrates diversity, c...
Relearning to live
Paquell Butterfield is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor. On December 6, 2010 she was a backseat passenger in a car that was involved in an accident during which her brain was shaken so badly inside her skull that she sustained injuries to ever...
Pinking it in paradise to assist Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group
In an effort to assist the Sister Sister organization with its fundraising, Atlantis assisted Sister Sister through its sponsorship of the annual Walk in Paradise event, which links local survivors with survivors from the Komen Group out of Florida,...
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