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A promise kept
Give a child a goal to shoot for, and, if the incentive is great enough, why not watch him or her reach for it? In many cases, he or she will surpass it. With that in mind, Albertha Stubbs, the mathematics coordinator at C.H. Reeves Junior School, p...
Marching bands striking the right notes in education
Research has shown that learning music facilitates the ability of students to learn other subjects and enhances skills that they inevitably use in other areas. It is also an avenue for students to be able to further their education by being awarded s...
QC student proves to be the best and brightest
Queen’s College student, Blair Evans, was dubbed the best and brightest graduating senior female in The Bahamas by the Eta Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., after she captured the Most Outstanding Honoree award at the sororityâ€...
The storm before the calm
Anyone who has experienced a bad storm, like a hurricane for example knows, that although the storm can be quite terrifying as it reaches its peak, as the winds howl and rage uprooting trees, tearing roofs off buildings and generally causing havoc; o...
Sunland Baptist Academy student pens top essay
Sunland Baptist Academy’s Saida Karamo says the fight for women’s equality is not over, and there is a lot more that needs to be done by men in supporting women’s rights and equality. Karamo says once men stop buying into the idea that women ar...
BTVI fashion design students told the world is their market
With the technological world of today, fashion design students were told that they do not have to be boxed in and the world is their market. That bit of advice came from president of the Montaque Group and Creator of Islands of the World Fashion Week...
McDonald’s donates 200 children’s books
Hundreds of local students are discovering something new and special on their school shelves, thanks to fast food giant, McDonald’s. While that something has little to do with Big Macs and Happy Meals, it has a whole lot to do with happiness, in it...
St. Thomas More Primary School choir captures Atlantis title
St. Thomas More Primary School’s choir stole the show with their rendition of “The Myth of Atlantis” to capture the 2nd annual Books Bringing The Beats song competition for primary and junior school choirs. The competition required participant...
An educator who enjoys the profession
Troy Oliver has been an educator for over 30 years, and she’s never imagined doing anything else. “Both my parents were teachers and I really couldn’t see anything else back in the Stone Age, when I was born,” she joked. “You didn’t thi...
Lyford Cay Intl. School set to launch STEM Initiative
When grade six Bahamian students are discussing how to get mobile devices into the hands of school age children across The Bahamas, the impact of a school with a strong information and communications technology (ICT) curriculum becomes apparent. An 1...
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