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You’re programmed
I guess that when a whole lot of people initially read the title of this particular article, you’re programmed, they may indeed look a bit puzzled by it, perhaps saying to themselves or another, I wonder what D. Paul’s message today is all about?...
Fidelity Bank adopts Naomi Blatch Preschool
The 60 preschool-aged children enrolled in Naomi Blatch Preschool and their parents are thankful to their “fairy godmother” … of sorts in Fidelity Bank which has adopted the school in time for the new academic year, and on Saturday past hosted ...
Lyford Cay Foundations donate $80,000 to schools affected by Hurricane Joaquin
Honoring its commitment to assist with rebuilding the lives of children, their education and the normalization of schools in the areas affected by Hurricane Joaquin, Lyford Cay Foundations donated $80,000 of technology and supplies to all affected pu...
S.C. McPherson teachers urged to be good leaders
With this year’s national public school theme centered around educating students with the goal of creating lifelong learners, and schools across the country to emphasize the importance of students embracing the learning process and acquiring as muc...
Cat Island duo receives scholarship to BTVI from Kiwanis
Cat Islanders Cortney Maycock and Trenice Bethel have been awarded scholarships to pursue higher education at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Over the Hill. Maycock will pursue studies to complet...
Life can be puzzling
I’ve spoken to many people in the past who came to me for advice when they were going through difficult times, and I can tell you, that a whole lot of these people were completely puzzled by this thing called life. And my friend, I can tell you hon...
Setting children up for the day
As children return to school for the new academic year, parents should consider what their children consume to fuel their brains and bodies to get the nutrition needed to aid them in learning to the best of their ability, and what goes in their child...
Students given the space to learn, explore, tell their story, taste and create
The 10th Annual Space to Create summer camp sought to highlight that each person has a unique gift to offer the world, and each situation in life gives people a gift that is sometimes disguised by a challenge or obstacle. It’s camp this year was ho...
Erinn Spencer and Madison Cartwright win Custom Computers ‘A’s for Excellence program
Erinn Avery Spencer and Madison Elizabeth Cartwright were the winners in this year’s Custom Computers A’s for Excellence program. Queen’s College graduate Erinn won a Microsoft Surface Pro two-in-one laptop/tablet along with a stylus and keyb...
What do you expect?
There are a set of universal laws which one needs to apply to every aspect of one’s life if a fulfilled, happy and successful life is to be attained. One of these laws is the law of attraction that simply states that we attract toward us people, ci...
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