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GGYA explorers venture into the unknown and find themselves
In Fresh Creek, Andros, they were definitely out of their comfort zone. The pitch-black night disguised the landscape of Andros’ pine forest near Captain Bill’s Blue Hole. Crackling sounds of the undergrowth and “spooky” nocturnal animals v...
GGYA is more than a tradition — it’s a lifestyle
It was the best and worst of times. A thriving world population hit 5 billion. A gleeful Margaret Thatcher sailed into office, securing her third term as Britain’s prime minister. In The Bahamas, a triumphant Sir Lynden Pindling won his sixth, con...
St. Anne’s School’s deputy head boy organizes food drive to help Bahamians in need; donates to Hands for Hunger
When St. Anne’s School student Philip Gray Jr., 11, asked his father how he could help starving children in Africa, his father told him there were people right here at home who could use some help. He spoke to Philip Jr. about the Hands For Hunger ...
Turn bad days into good days
Now as we all know, as we pursue our goals and objectives on the never-ending road to success, we will certainly have some good days and some bad days. Yes indeed, as everything in the universe and in our individual lives operate in cycles, we will e...
Learning the benefits of a Swiss education
With a population of 8 million and no natural resources, Switzerland turned its attention to education, became a world leader and last week opened the doors to more Bahamians benefitting from the unique Swiss education experience when educators from ...
Future leaders encouraged
A number of the nation’s young people were reminded that they can do anything that they put their minds to, and all is not lost with their generation, by Dennis Deveaux, director of finance and strategic planning at Toyota Material Handling North A...
Debutante Foundation gears up to celebrate two decades
Jennice Johnson, senior mistress at Eva Hilton Primary School, was one of 30 young ladies who enrolled in the inaugural Bahamas Debutant Foundation’s program. She was also the first winner of Debutante of the Year, an accolade bestowed upon the you...
Mt. Carmel students paint a piece of hope for Valentine’s Day
In response to the recent violence in the country, with the murder count at 33, art students at Mt. Carmel Preparatory Academy felt compelled to paint a piece they called “Hope”. “Our students are constantly challenged to be respectful, tolera...
Grand Bahama Science Club to include college level students
Grand Bahama Science Club’s mission is to encourage the interest of high school and college students in science, electronics and robotics, which they have done for the past 19 years through their educational programs, AIM (Academically Interested M...
Your to do list
I guess that we can safely say that just about everyone spread throughout this great big world of ours wishes to succeed in life, bearing in mind of course, that success is different things to different people. However, the truth is that not a whole ...
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