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COB president shares vision for robust university of The Bahamas
In academics, research and skills development, the College of The Bahamas (COB) and its coming successor, the University of The Bahamas, will continue to leave a distinct footprint throughout The Bahamas, according to President Dr. Rodney D. Smith. ...
BAMSI positions itself as the nation’s multiplication center
In a move that is hoped in time will serve as a major strike against the country’s billion dollar food import bill, almost 300 animals were flown into the country recently by the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI). Veterinari...
Real security lies within
I do believe, that in the long run, just about everyone desires security in their life. That’s why I guess, that people like to get a good, high paying job, make lots of money, build a huge mansion in which to live and accumulate great wealth. This...
Fidelity pays 43 students for ‘A’ grades
Fidelity Bank has rewarded staff members’ children for academic excellence on last year’s report cards. With 43 students recognized this year for academic excellence over the last school year, the Fidelity Pays for A’s Educational Program (FPA...
Architect addresses built environment at COB research forum
Architect Patrick Rahming implored students at The College of The Bahamas to consider their future contributions to creating a built environment that honors Bahamian society and through which its history and heritage could be preserved. In social sc...
Alphas hold pens, pencil and paper drive for Sandilands School students
With a purpose to encourage fourth through sixth grade aged boys to build self-esteem, learn how to resolve conflict without fighting, and to take and maintain an interest in their education from primary school through to the tertiary level through t...
The joy of giving
I guess when you come to think about it for a moment or two, the world population is divided into many different groupings. However, I want to focus today on just one category of people and that is the givers and the takers. Now let’s start by focu...
Gabrielle Josephs wins CTO Youth Congres title
Bahamas Junior Minister of Tourism Gabrielle Josephs is the first Bahamian to win the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s (CTO) Tourism Youth Congress. Josephs, a Mary Star of the Sea School student outperformed 14 students from around the region to ...
Director of education: Parents urged to be more active in children’s education at Commonwealth Bank parenting forum
With 3,082 teachers returned to the classroom to educate 44,892 secondary school students, Director of Education Lionel Sands said parents should not expect the school system to act as parent and guardian. “Where schools and students have the supp...
Twins receive Caribbean Bottling's first scholarship
If there is one thing Herman and Shama Strapp are cognizant of, it is that they knew they could not afford for both of their twin boys, D’Ron and T’Ron Strapp, to attend private school for secondary education — even though both boys deserved th...
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