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This week at the Art Walk at Marina Village
From visual artists to ceramicists to farmer’s market purveyors with everything from jams and jellies to native teas and drink, cheesecake and chocolate, locally grown herbs and greens, cooling popsicles and vegan treats — the twice per month Art...
Entertaining, captivating and thrilling
Performances from popular Broadway musicals like The Wiz and theater classic, Porgy & Bess; as well as mesmerizing classical and spiritual arrangements from a variety of composers — Dan Forrest, the late Jack Halloran and composer Rene Clausen,...
Heineken Escape II New York
It was 1933, a time when gangsters like Al Capone ran the streets, backroom gambling ran rampant, prohibition was law, and drinking only happened at speakeasies. A rumor began to spread that after 11 years prohibition was coming to an end. Being the ...
Resistance to change
It is a fact, and indeed a very sad fact, that there are a whole lot of people spread throughout this great big world of ours who consistently resist changes of any kind to any aspect of their overall life — personal, professional, social or spirit...
Lady E releases ‘Live for Da Road’ remix and launch of ‘Let’s All Dance’
Lady E, a Sony Music recording artist, has released her new single “Live for Da Road” remix, a hit produced and remixed by Latin Grammy winner, DJ Buddha. “Live for Da Road” evokes the feeling of marching a road fever parade of music, dance a...
Showed up and showed out
azz In The Gardens (JITG) is known for its surprises. You go into the event knowing who you are looking forward to hearing and seeing, but you never know which artist will make you a new fan of theirs, simply because of their performance at this incr...
Make ready for the hype
The Bahamas National Festival Commission (BNFC) released its line-up of artists for Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2017 yesterday, and Grand Bahama and New Providence will be hype four weeks from now — to say the least! Friday night in New Providence,...
Fifty exhibitors to display at 29th annual Bahamas Bridal Show
For the first time in the Bahamas Bridal Show’s history, couples were encouraged to make a wish to get what they need for their wedding celebration and home. “This idea was created to help as many couples get what they need for their wedding cel...
‘Life’ is a fun hour-and-a-half of entertainment
Life (Rated C)Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Ariyon BakareGenre: Sci-Fi/ThrillerDwight’s Rating: 2.5 Stars   Fans of TV procedural dramas seem to appreciate how each week, while not ever straying too far from the for...
Attitude, discipline and reliability
Believe me, today’s title contains three most important words when it comes to being successful in life, and they are attitude, discipline and reliability. The first of our trio of very important words is attitude. There’s no doubt about it whats...
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