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Louis & Steen’s Coffeehouse to host Mardi Gras-themed event
Louis & Steen’s Coffeehouse will bring the New Orleans experience to The Bahamas with the hosting of its first Mardi Gras Day for those people seeking excitement coupled with specialty coffee, delicious Creole fare and jazz music in a fun, rela...
Twenty semifinalists named in Da Bahamian T’ing song competition
The battle for a share of a $70,000 prize purse with the winner set to pick up a $25,000 payday is “hotting up”, with the announcement of the 20 semifinalists in the Ministry of Tourism’s (MOT) Da Bahamian T’ing song competition being named. ...
Hero or zero
I heard someone on T.V. one day say the following, “You can be a hero or a zero” meaning of course, that you can be a great success in life, or on the other hand, you could end up with a life which really amounts to nothing … the choice is your...
Are you prepared for Shebada’s ‘Chixta’ (trickster)?
The storyline: A professional con woman by the name of Sketrella, who also goes by the aliases Gloria and Gladys, decides to con a man known as Useful, who owns his own house, a beauty salon and is the recent winner of $60 million lotto jackpot. Sket...
Searching for the Trini tabanca, and preparing for Bahamas Carnival
If you were on the Bahamasair charter flight from Trinidad to New Providence on Wednesday night you were likely depressed ... and asleep the entire time. There’s no real cure for your Carnival tabanca (a depressive state caused by the end of Carniv...
Alena, Farrah and Maleah are SuperCute
Alena (Lena) 12, Farrah (Deuces) nine, and Maleah (Lili) 11, are SuperCute and are hoping they become the next big thing to come out of The Bahamas. The all-girl band trio, brought together by their common love for singing and performing, have just ...
Rum, food and culture at its best
Festival RumBahamas had something to pique everyone’s interest, whether it was rum, food, culture, or to satisfy their appreciation for artisans. The three-day weekend affair which was in its fourth year, ran the gamut of experiences from rum tasti...
Dwight Strachan predicts five out of six
Five out of six ain’t bad! My predictions last week for the 89th Academy Awards were almost spot on this year. Even with Best Picture — and bucking the trend of most other critics — I firmly believed the Academy would recognize that “Moonli...
Kareem J. Mortimer’s ‘Cargo’ world premiere to happen at Miami Film Festival
V“Cargo,” a heartfelt feature film written and directed by Kareem J. Mortimer, one of the most prolific filmmakers in The Bahamas, will have its world premiere at Miami Dade College’s Miami Film Festival’s 34th edition, opening today through ...
There’s always a way
There’s always a way. A word which should be completely alien to any would-be achiever is the word “can’t”, which of course is an abbreviation of two words “can not.” The word can’t should not be in the vocabulary of anyone who wishes ...
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