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Arts & Culture

‘Metanoia’ with Navarro Newton
The first of a series of three solo shows, “Metanoia” featuring the work of Navarro Newton, is the culmination of a year’s hard graft at Popopstudios ICVA. Newton is one of three recipients for the 2016-2017 period chosen to work under the supp...
The Afro-Caribbean spirit of art
There are still many artists in the Caribbean who operate outside the cultural mainstream. Without formal training they have developed unique ways to express their ideas comparable to their trained or “educated” counterparts. As an alternative t...
Kendal Hanna’s Rainbow Explosion
Kendal Hanna, a Bahamian artist and forerunner of abstract painting, brilliantly captures energetic expression and emotion through the intense repetition of line exemplified in Untitled (Rainbow Explosion). Hanna has masterfully engaged in his medium...
February’s artwork of the month
 The Bahamas has been a tourist location far longer than we have been independent - not hard, of course, with less than half a century of self-rule under our belt. So it makes sense that understanding ourselves and our national and cultural iden...
The future of Caribbean development
We are a region with such variety of experience and such particular history that it warrants study. As the cultural pioneer and visionary Stuart Hall so often put, we are a region of people ‘from elsewhere’ - that idea of a lack of origin is in p...
Blackness and social performance
Social performance art is a dynamic and changing social practice that breaks many of the traditional boundaries between the every day and the hallowed museum/gallery space where many people feel that are not welcome. It brings art and cultural expre...
Artwork of the Month
Itchy white lace, decorative candles, pristine stockings, crisp gloves and fine gold chains. These three little brides - being married to the good Christian church they inherited as newfangled Bahamian post-colonial subjects, are a vision of all tha...
Considering the African culture
Haitian-born, Bahamian artist Jeffrey Meris opened his project ‘Asue: 20/20’ in the Project Space Room of the NAGB on Saturday, January 21, and it drew a sizeable crowd who came out to see how the word “Grace” would be interpreted. We often ...
Owning our image
Images have always been controlled by those in power. They have been used to represent us in particular ways that we usually have no control over. During slavery, blacks were depicted in a specific manner, and black women were always rendered either...
Nurturing art criticism in the Caribbean
For far too long, creative communities in the Caribbean have danced around the notion of art criticism as a form of public discourse. For the professional artist and writer, who as students valued peer feedback and professional assessment, how is it ...
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