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Arts & Culture

The NAGB’s summer camp takes a walk through time
With less than two months left, the Education Department at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas has accelerated preparations for the Mixed Media Summer Art Camp (MMSAC). Now in its third year, the camp was started in response to the need for an a...
‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’
Lavar Munroe was born in 1982 in Nassau, The Bahamas, and currently lives and works in Maryland, USA. His works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Italy; Nasher Museum of Art, USA; and the SCAD Museum of Art, USA. He graduated with a BFA fro...
Ferguson’s fantastic dragon
A fire-breathing hell-beast, a scaly winged thing of fantasy — sometimes good, sometimes dangerous and greedy: dragons. Not a staple in the established subject matter for Amos Ferguson, but nonetheless a treasure in the National Collection, an enti...
History in the remaking
Just a few days from a clarifying moment in Bahamian history, a sense of liberation and optimism is still felt throughout our islands. Surpassing the rhetoric of politics and governance, the social impact of May 10th’s events has presented a lesson...
Cultural heritage & erasure
ow do we forget that when we lose our tangible culture, we actually also lose our intangible culture? They usually go together. Culture is not just a product that we package and sell. It is actually a process, a way of life, a rhythm that is embodi...
May’s Artwork of the Month.
Antonius Roberts is known as one of The Bahamas’ leading artists, exploring themes of nature, humanity and spirituality through a diverse range of genres. Roberts focuses on sculpture, furniture making, and painting, as well as teaching and mentori...
Beauty in Bain Town
Bain Town is a space of much notoriety these days, as a number of historically freed slave villages on the island have grown to be, but it wasn’t always so, and there is certainly a need to celebrate the history of these areas, and the sense of co...
‘The Liberal’
Thierry Lamare’s ‘The Liberal’ (2002) is one of those works in the National Collection that commands attention. This realistic depiction of one of Lamare’s muses, the force that was Joyce, is currently on view at the NAGB in the recent unveil...
Empowerment and equality
Sue Katz Lightbourn’s exhibition, ‘Exposed’, opened at Antonius Roberts’ Hillside House Gallery on the evening of Thursday, April 13th, 2017. The show is a fun, thought-provoking, yet challenging journey through a world of images collected an...
April Art of the Month
Kendra Frorup’s ‘Domestic Chickens’ (2007) installation is one of the lesser-known pieces in the National Collection. The 2017-2018 Permanent Exhibition, ‘Revisiting An Eye For The Tropics’, is a departure point for us to look to the way th...
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