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From the collection
Bahamian artist and icon, Amos Ferguson radiantly portrays the spirit of Junkanoo through an energetic array of repeated imagery and texture in Junkanoo Cow Face – Match Me If You Can, an iconic piece in the Gallery’s National Collection. His int...
World Oceans Day mural
A national institution of art coming together with one of the biggest hotel corporations doesn’t sound like your usual pairing — but public artwork has no prejudices, no bounds, and as such, the most unlikely collaborations can often be the most ...
From the collection
Lynn Parotti is a Bahamian artist exploring themes of natural and biological landscape, those surrounding us and within us. In “The Blastocyst’s Ball,” Parotti displays a triptych of non-objective form and color, alluding to something that may...
Mixed Media Summer Art Camp
The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas’ (NAGB) Mixed Media Summer Art Camp (MMSAC) is a program designed with creativity, discovery and fun in mind — every day. A blend of art exploration and classic camp activity, the MMSAC serves as a space wh...
The Mark of a Woman
Reclining nudes, women posed ‘just so,’ we’re all quite accustomed to this kind of figuration and portraiture in the art world. Even those of us who are just dipping our toes into the wonders of the art world associate art with this kind of ima...
Celebrating recent art graduates
In this season, celebrating academic accomplishment and reward has sparked much hope and expectation for young Bahamians. Among these are the first graduates of the University of The Bahamas (UB), who celebrated a significant moment in the institutio...
Heino Schmid’s practice can perhaps be described as slippery or amphibious — and it’s not so much to do with the water as it is to do with his fluidity in dealing with the bounds of what we believe to constitute drawing, sculpture, and painting...
From the collection
The interpretation of abstract art entails an inventiveness that allows you to discover for yourself the meaning behind the work. It’s an organic process, it has no equation or set of rules —the art presents itself and you are left with little in...
Art, Culture and the World Trade Organization
In The Bahamas, there has been an ongoing discussion about lowering duty on art supplies and products in order to discourage the disenfranchisement of local artists by allowing cheap imitation art to be imported at a lower duty rate. Free trade and ...
From The Collection
“A Native Sugar Mill” (ca. 1901) by William Henry Jackson is part of the suite of historic colonial photographs in the National Collection. Jackson was an American who started a photo studio here after emigrating from New York in the 1870s and is...
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