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Arts & Culture

NAGB artwork of the month
This month’s selected artwork is a woodcut print on paper entitled “Pulling Nr. 1,” (1982) by Maxwell Taylor — a painter, printmaker, sculptor, ceramicist and draughtsman. The work is currently on show alongside other Taylor drawings and prin...
This summer - with Ivanna Gaitor
“There’s no place like home! The city life is great, but there’s nothing more comforting than being around family and friends at home. We live in a special place, leaving and returning reminds me of that – every time.” Born in New Providen...
Forward Motion
As we approach our 43rd year of Independence, the concept of motion is all too apt. When we think of legal and political motions, the notion of movement itself implies some sort of progression. No matter the circumstances, in the same way that water ...
The Creative Industries
Creative industries are a ‘new’ fixture in the discussions among government development folks. They want to expand the reach of the creative industries and link these with tourism. Creative industries are about celebrating all that is creative an...
Nowé Harris-Smith, an emerging Bahamian artist, shows us her foray into reconciling the tension between two battling mediums; tensions between reality and the imagined, between the ideas of bodies as symbols of our individuality but also as unifying...
Giving credit where credit is due
We all know that adage that ‘variety is the spice of life.’ We see it in art all the time, in music and in Bahamian people. Given the current turmoil and tension in the world — all the negativity and discrimination against those whose existence...
San Salvador as Culture
New Economies of Culture We often talk about the importance of cultural tourism, but perhaps few of us understand what that means or even why it could benefit us as a country. Cultural tourism has become one of the largest drivers in tourism mobiliz...
Exnihilo Art Award
Exnihilo Art Center recently announced the launch of the Exnihilo Art Award. This partial scholarship is intended to recognize the achievement and excellence in the arts among Bahamian Out Island students. The Exnihilo Art Award is a merit-based, po...
June’s Art of the Month
Scraped up from the beds. Uprooted. Carefully picked and collected. Transported by boat. Beaten. Sun-dried. Clipped and polished. Sold to the highest bidder. The sponge industry of the colonial Bahamas as represented in Jacob F. Coonley’s ‘The Sp...
Reflections on the Summer Film Series at the NAGB
Toronto was, and always has been, a city of movie buffs and on Sunday afternoons back in the mid-1960s, local theatres played matinees for families. For some reason my parents thought their young son would like to see some, so my first movies were ol...
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