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Arts & Culture

Through the eyes of a tourist
If you think about hip hop in The Bahamas, “Who Let the Dogs Out” is the tune that springs to mind. However, the glory days of Nassau seem to be far behind us. We have spent so much time developing an image of what we think we should look like,...
November’s Artwork of the Month
Little ones on a dusty road of varying ages – tiny hands held in those only slightly bigger, leading the way, wearing boots too big for one so young. Plastic jugs and containers stacked up, some half-empty and some half-full as water gushes forth f...
The Place of Art
Art is always unique to a place and art also has a unique place in culture. As Jackson Petit and Peggy Herring illustrate in their capturing of local color, the disparities are real. Herring’s ‘Five Children at a Water Pump’ painted in 1984,...
Nomad of the Golden Hour
Art is often largely underestimated as a tool for education in schools. Outside of the use of art to illustrate a theme or provide a creative interpretation of a concept, the power of art as an inclusive and encompassing tool for understanding and lo...
Creative Careers: Artist & Curator Tessa Whitehead
While there may be some romance in the myth of the starving artist, the narrative of balancing the struggle to survive with one's creative passion is anything but glamorous. Fortunately, however, there are many Bahamian creatives who find employment ...
Chantal Bethel: Holey Space
Part inner sanctum, part history lesson, ‘Holey Space’ exists as an honest but healing look at the first wave of our sombre colonial past with Columbus and the Tainos. This play on words sets the tone for Chantal Bethel’s intimate new show in t...
Indigeneity and Art
Waves wash over us, Sun’s rays bleach us, Winds blow against us, Nature blooms around us as we, indigenous souls, float in an ether of historical pain, And we survive.   As the lushness of the island disappears in the wake of Hurricane M...
The eye of the storm
Winslow Homer’s ‘Hurricane’ captures howling winds of the storm in The Bahamas, however, the image, though teaming with meaning and feeling, does not capture the magnitude of today’s super storms. These so-called superstorms bring with them d...
Artist branded as the champion
On Friday, October 14, The Central Bank of The Bahamas announced Jordanna Kelly as the winner of its 33rd Annual Art Competition Open Category. Her winning piece ‘Preserved,’ a sculptural installation of authentic canned food items contained in p...
Upcoming exhibitions at the NAGB
Giving thanks that storms, the wind, and rain did not keep us down for long, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) is pleased to share our calendar of exhibitions for the last quarter of 2016. In addition to our current programming, we have ...
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