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Arts & Culture

A Bahamian Aesthetic
We often ask what makes art Bahamian? Is it about living in The Bahamas? Is it about the color of the sea, the sky, the play of light? Is it the way we capture images of people in their daily lives that is unlike anywhere else, but also similar to ot...
What’s on at the NAGB?
September marks the start of yet another school year and we can already hear the teachers and students mentally trudging their way back into that regimented mindset after this scorcher of a summer. Now to the rescue, the NAGB has more than enough on ...
Studio Visit: Dominique Knowles
I had the pleasure of visiting emerging Bahamian artist Dominique Knowles as he settled into his new space at Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts. Knowles who is approaching his final year at The School of the Art Institute of Chica...
A sustainable Nassau?
The results of months of planning and international cooperation between Austrian students and College of the Bahamas students, along with investment from the International Development Bank (IDB), the plans by the Sustainable Nassau Urban Lab were lau...
Urban Scrawl
Public art – and its multitude of offshoots: street art, public sculpture, murals, mosaics – has a colorful history with many facets. The first image that springs to mind might be giant steel and bronze constructions sitting atop manicured park g...
August artwork of the month
The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas was an idea long before it was a reality. Many artworks, therefore, had been purchased and earmarked for the collection before its eventual incarnation in 2003. The Bahamian National Collection, now housed with...
From craft to commerce in China
In recent years, ceramic art has resurfaced and undoubtedly gained renewed respect internationally within contemporary art. For Bahamian ceramicist Alistair Stevenson, this is an exciting time to be pursuing studies at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institu...
Beyond borders
As we see the world reaching its boiling point politically, socially, and environmentally, it is sometimes difficult to know where to place ourselves as such a small nation with a limited influence in the world. However, there is a certain strength ...
This Summer - Angelika Wallace-Whitfield
Emerging Bahamian artist Angelika Wallace-Whitfield continues her summer tradition of returning to Nassau to work and create art as a means to assist in funding her academic pursuits. Currently enrolled in the BA (Hons) History & Philosophy of Ar...
‘A Sustainable Future For Exuma’
By 2050 the world sea levels are expected to rise a staggering amount, leaving low-lying areas like our archipelago nation to question our future existence and the way we live on this planet, not to mention the millions of people who could be displac...
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