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Arts & Culture

Bahamian contingent at MAC 2016
Sunken ships, fossilized bones, film screenings, and apps for paintings: what is the common denominator? Museums. Preservation and interpretation of our cultural artifacts offer keys to understanding ourselves as Caribbean subjects, and The Museum As...
Intellectual property rights and creativity
The government often talks of celebrating Bahamian creativity and culture. The first thing ‘they’ do when they are invited somewhere is discuss taking Junkanoo to the event. That could mean paying for 300 strong junkanooers to be flown to Japan a...
Creative Careers: Artist & Educator Kim Smith
Born in Saskatchewan, Canada Smith’s early career choice was working with children. Although this was something he initially had no interest in, after training and teaching as a primary school teacher for three years, Smith grew to love being in th...
Artwork of the Month: John Paul Saddleton, “Harbour View”
The collection at The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas grows in various ways: we might purchase works or commission pieces; artists endow us with their own works, or we are gifted items by collectors and patrons. In all cases, the work still needs...
Our Reading Room
A Sustainable Future for Exuma speaks to the vast concerns deriving from global climate change that underscore the need for sustainable living and development. More broadly the project focuses on finding innovative and positive ways to examine the li...
Mother Tongue Ties
As Bahamians, our culture — like many others — is tied to the tongue. We love and loathe the oral traditions here, the fact that storytelling is what keeps much of our culture going but is also, sadly, how we lose much of the rich detail of the w...
The NAGB’s Eleutheran Adventure
The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas is locally known as the NAGB; however, many people make the mistake—in speech and print—of calling us the “Nassau” Art Gallery. Perhaps this slip is well-deserved: with attention focused on the preserva...
Expo 2020
The Bahamas is set to be a focal point at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The fair focuses on design, innovation and development, as well as culture. It has its roots in a legacy established centuries ago, when it was still accep...
Creative Careers: Film Director Lavado Stubbs
Lavado Stubbs first became interested in film and video production in the late 90s, with the advent of digital video cameras. Responding to a competition hosted by United Nations for World Aids Day, Stubbs, along with his classmates, decided to creat...
A Bahamian Aesthetic
We often ask what makes art Bahamian? Is it about living in The Bahamas? Is it about the color of the sea, the sky, the play of light? Is it the way we capture images of people in their daily lives that is unlike anywhere else, but also similar to ot...
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