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Arts & Culture

Owning our image
Images have always been controlled by those in power. They have been used to represent us in particular ways that we usually have no control over. During slavery, blacks were depicted in a specific manner, and black women were always rendered either...
Nurturing art criticism in the Caribbean
For far too long, creative communities in the Caribbean have danced around the notion of art criticism as a form of public discourse. For the professional artist and writer, who as students valued peer feedback and professional assessment, how is it ...
The translation conversation
There is a very specific kind of uneasiness in black Bahamians as we try to translate our blackness when we move into other spaces, and it is most felt and visceral when we emigrate. While the African diaspora is very much real and very much alive, t...
Look, listen, live
The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) has created a show we call the National Exhibition, now on its eighth run. This year, the event that opened on December 15 and 17 2016 has also been installed at a satellite location – Antonius Robertâ...
Building regional allyship
One of the great joys and privileges of working in the art field is the necessity of travel to meet colleagues, see exhibitions, do studio visits and, most importantly, create the networks necessary to support our artists. In the Caribbean region, th...
Heavy crown to bear
We have hair that defies gravity, hair that reaches down to remind us of the earth we are a part of. We have skin that is the most fathomless, rich umber that absorbs sunlight, and also skin so bright it shines when the sun hits it. We are black wome...
The stretching of our culture
Goat skins stretched across wood; Flour mixed with water to make paste; Newspaper, sponges, cardboard pasted to make costumes; Faces obscured by masks, coverings. Cloth to hide the identity of the performer; Jump in, jump up subversion masquerade...
Colors are covering us in a suffocating noose of enslavement. As the nation retreats to its colored sides, leaving neighborhoods to rot with abandonment, we fall victim to the death of forgetting. The quickest way to kill our culture is to forget, to...
The Gall to speak
Bahamian women are often thought of as being outspoken, strong, ‘biggity’ – dare I say – and perhaps it is a result of this legacy of women who won’t suffer fools gladly, that has lead to women being painted in a less favorable light. But c...
Renewal opens at The Pro Gallery
U.S.-based Bahamian artist Omar Richardson returns to the University of The Bahamas (UB) in January to exhibit a selection of works from his 2011 series ‘Renewal.' The exhibition opens to the public Thursday, January 12 at The Pro Gallery located o...
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