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Pop-up series hits The Bahamas
The pop up restaurant trend that exploded in the United States around 2010 has finally made its way to The Bahamas in a tangible way with Chef Simeon Hall leading the way in starting a series that will cater to true foodies and adventurous eaters. T...
‘Marvelous’ second at Stoli regional final
After three consecutive wins, “Marvelous” Marv Cunningham secured a second place finish at the 11-man Stoli Cocktail Masters competition in St. Maarten. It was a placing that was both satisfying and disappointing to the mixologist. He was disappo...
‘Marvelous’ puts his three-win streak on the line
Caribbean Bartender of the Year, Bahamas Stoli Cocktail Master Bartending champion and Hennessy Bartending champion — it’s a winning streak that “Marvelous” Marv Cunningham is putting on the line at the regional Stoli Cocktail Masters Bartend...
A chef driven
It’s easy to overlook the rich global history of street food. For centuries, street food has long played an exciting role in cuisines around the world. Turkey has its doner kebabs; there’s no denying the appeal of a good taco in Mexico; and who ...
Gabrielle Wells is sixth Food Fight champion
abrielle Wells, 17, a graduate of C.R. Walker is the sixth Island Flare Food Fight champion. A stuffed and rolled jerked chicken, warm sweet potato and plantain salad and curry plantain and cabbage slaw earned Gabrielle, who never even took a home e...
Beautiful view ... extraordinary food
The view is breathtaking — powdery white sand and gradients of turquoise water — calming during the day and the most romantic setting at night. This perfection is all God’s doing as Chef Jacques Carlino knows all too well. All he needed to do w...
The marvelous one does it again
“Marvelous” Marv Cunningham followed up his Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s gold medal and Bartender of the Year win by pulling off a successful title defense at the 2nd Stoli Premium Vodka Cocktail Masters Competition. Cunningham, a...
Commonwealth Brewery expands position in the non-alcoholic beverage category
Commonwealth Brewery Limited (CBL), the company that is synonymous with Heineken and Kalik has raised their glasses to two new beverages, launching a non-alcoholic version of Kalik — Kalik Radler 0.0 percent — and a reduced calorie, fruit-based n...
Bahamian culinarians take a taste of The Bahamas with a twist to Cuba
Peas and grits, chicken in the bag, conch chowder and conch fritters got rave reviews from Cubans recently as a nine-member culinary team took a taste of The Bahamas to delight Cuban palates. The team, which included chefs Simeon Hall Jr., Sheldon T...
No butcher, baker or candlestick maker here
What does a pool engineer, a mechanical engineer, a part-time funeral director and a high school lad all have in common? They comprise the squad of men known as Da Snapper Crew who claimed the 3rd Annual Smokin’ Hot BBQ title. Dwayne Murray, the t...
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