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Time to KISS (keep it simple stupid)
If you don’t already have reservations at your favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day, then you should really forget about dining out with your sweetheart, because they’re probably all booked up. But then again what could be more romantic than...
Crusoe’s restaurant lives up to the hype
Bragging and being able to back it up and proving what you’re saying is true is always a good thing. The management at Crusoe’s Restaurant at Comfort Suites proudly boasts of a menu that embraces comfort Bahamian foods as well as American and Car...
Casa D’Angelo: Where Tuscany, Southern Italy and Bahamian flavors meet
Casa D’Angelo — it has been the place where Tuscan entrees meet Southern Italian accents and Caribbean flavors for almost a decade at the Atlantis resort. Next door to the Bahamian Club and across the way from Chop Stix, for some reason or the ot...
The decadence of brunch
Brunch — it’s a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch, consisting of decadent twists on regular meal options. For many people, the weekend just isn’t complete without brunch. Recognizing this,...
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