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National Review

A nation in crisis
Back in January — before the Ishmael Lightbourne tax dodging scandal made him a less accessible prime minister — we asked Perry Christie whether he regretted allowing the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to erect those controversial murder billb...
Govt seeking to satisfy casinos and web shops in gaming talks
As the government works quietly to develop a regulated web shop industry, it is faced with a number of issues that will likely make completing regulations in the coming weeks more complex than initially envisioned. One of the issues is structuring a...
Behind closed doors
The regulation and taxation of the web shop sector is long overdue. It is unfortunate the Ingraham administration bowed to the church and pulled back from its plan to do so in 2010. Successive governments have for too long given religious leaders i...
The bizarre ramblings of our police commissioner
Faced with a new round of questions over police reporting of crime, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade last week went off into his characteristic defensive, emotional overreaction. We saw it in 2012 when we questioned him on the failure of po...
A failed bid
Despite the Ingraham administration’s efforts to design a mortgage relief plan that might work, the truth is there was nothing that could work, former Minister of State for Finance Zhivargo Laing said. Laing responded to our lead piece in National...
Who cares what you call ‘it’
One of my Facebook Friends is always putting up posts regarding the authenticity of different religions and their so-called sacred books, whether they contain the truth or not. I very often respond to these posts by making some legitimate points as ...
Mortgage relief: The April Fools’ plan
While Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis last week insisted that the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) mortgage relief plan is not dead, he also made an important statement that the PLP failed to stress on the 2012 campaign trail. Effective...
Changing course
As we opined in this space last week, some politicians when confronted over their inappropriate and oftentimes brute behavior seek to attack the media for exposing their actions while attempting to justify that which many are frowning upon. Such was...
The rain is coming
As we are all hearing about again and again as we watch television, many parts of the world are experiencing severe drought, which is in fact causing havoc and even starvation for many, as crops fail again and again because of a lack of rain to irrig...
A foul affair
The Christie administration’s shameless efforts at defending the indefensible in the embarrassing tax dodger scandal descended from simply unbelievable to completely ridiculous last week when V. Alfred Gray, the MP for MICAL, added his voice to the...
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