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National Review

Free pass
The Bahamian people have been cheated. We have been cheated out of having a productive and accountable government. We have been cheated out of having an effective Official Opposition that would help ensure quality governance. As such, we have witn...
Are you dedicated to your craft?
In general, I believe that most people have a particular field of endeavor which they wish to pursue. It could be to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Technician, Sales Person, or Professional Musician to name just a few of the different occupations peopl...
A black hole of promises
Perry Christie’s reaction in the House of Assembly last week to the controversy surrounding the unfortunate and misleading speech delivered recently at the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) convention by his Minister of State for Finance Michael ...
A toxic cycle
Anglican Bishop Laish Boyd is calling for a national discussion on family planning and for the media to do a better job in driving the discussion on this important issue. Addressing the Anglican Synod on Monday night, Boyd said, “Instead of genera...
Politics as entertainment
There are two recent statements that reveal a disturbing reality for Bahamians considering which party they wish to elect to govern their affairs in the approaching five-year term. The first was a statement made by businessman Sir Franklyn Wilson, wh...
Dead end
Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins’ recent criticisms of Official Opposition Leader Loretta Butler-Turner’s Senate picks may be an indication that her relationship with the other FNM MPs who pulled the carpet from under Free National Movement (F...
Lingering stench
After seeking to portray himself as a hero in a dark and sordid saga involving two wealthy Lyford Cay residents — Louis Bacon and Peter Nygard — and an alleged murder plot, Michael Pintard resigned last March as chairman of the Free National Move...
The ladder of success
I guess that each and every one of us are endeavoring to make it in life thus eventually being able to ascend ‘The Ladder Of Success’. However, I’d like you to firstly understand, that as I have put it before on many occasions, ‘The Ladder O...
Insult to injury
Michael Halkitis’ ‘where the VAT money gone’ call and response speech at the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) convention last week was the most memorable and the most talked about of all the speeches delivered — but for all the wrong reaso...
‘Late again’
Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham says he is not surprised that the Constituencies Commission is once again late in reporting under the Christie administration. Ingraham was responding to a question put to him by National Review on the failure o...
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