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National Review

PowerSecure’s days at BPL appear numbered
The government is not happy with PowerSecure, which runs Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, National Review understands. One of the priority items of the new BPL board, headed by accounta...
A financial albatross
With the government hard-pressed to find the $11 million it needs to effect basic repairs to public schools in time for the start of the new school year, the STAR Academy facility at the site of the old Bahamas Academy on Wulff Road remains a financi...
Poison path
While they reigned as all-powerful and untouchable only a few months ago, PLPs like Philip Brave Davis, the struggling interim leader of a party in shambles with a tattered and rejected brand, are today grasping for relevance as they seek to poison t...
Petty ploys
Threats emanating from the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) camp about forwarding names of Free National Movement (FNM) members allegedly involved in questionable conduct to the police are non-sensical and make a mockery of our justice system. Li...
Game time
With The Bahamas still reeling from the traumatic effects of Hurricane Christie, and the new administration’s honeymoon drawing to an end, it is game time for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, who must demonstrate that he is not intent on spending ...
Performance bonus for BPL
Despite innumerable power outages, escalating bills and an inability to bring Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) costs under control, PowerSecure benefited from a performance bonus of around $1.1 million under the Christie administration, National Rev...
Conditions ideal for a long FNM run
The margin of victory for the Free National Movement (FNM) on May 10 was an indicator that the party’s win was a change moment for the country. The FNM won 35 seats; the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) four. The FNM beat the PLP by 20 percentage p...
Campaign finance laws can no longer be ignored
When it was revealed in the newspapers that then Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald solicited Sarkis Izmirlian for contracts for a family firm, the country was shocked. When it was revealed days later that former Labour Minister Shane Gibson receiv...
Let’s start with civil unions
We are a deeply homophobic people. We think homosexuality is one of the great evils of the human condition. It offends our macho culture. It offends our narrow, provincial interpretation of Christianity. The idea that gays are an evil threat is misg...
The rubber and the road
Unparalleled boldness and shamelessness dipped in rank amnesia clearly prompted opposition leader Philip Brave Davis to lay the new downgrade threat from international credit ratings agency Moody’s fully at the feet of the Minnis administration, bu...
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