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National Review

Last rites
The so-called ‘gang of six’ is no more. After launching an unsuccessful bid to get rid of Dr. Hubert Minnis as leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), four of the six are bowing out of frontline politics. Loretta Butler-Turner has managed t...
The third evil
The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) ended its two-day convention on Friday night with its leader, Branville McCartney, pledging to “take this country back” and telling Bahamians they finally have “a real option”. Choosing the lesser of tw...
The divine right of kings
There was something wholly unsettling and highly hypocritical about the story Prime Minister Perry Christie shared last week about his family’s meeting with the writer of the vile song that recently became the subject of a police probe. To be clea...
A waste of time
The House of Assembly’s Committee on Privilege must have a lot of time to waste. It has embarked on a futile exercise targeting Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni, the CEO of Stellar Waste to Energy. You might recall that Stellar is the company at the heart o...
Without a purpose people perish
I remember many years ago when I was facilitating a seminar and the participants were busy setting up their goals for the future and writing them down in their workbook. I was checking up on what they were writing and offering my assistance to the pa...
Open party
The attorney general of The Bahamas has extraordinary constitutional power when it comes to prosecutions. The AG can undertake criminal proceedings against any person before any court in respect of any offense against the law; the AG can take over an...
An issue of prejudice in our time
It is distressing to watch the video of Terence Crutcher, a black American man, being shot dead by police officer Betty Shelby, a white woman, in Oklahoma. Crutcher’s vehicle was stopped in the middle of the road for some reason. Police responded....
Industrial action would be unwise
In 2013, the Bahamian economy did not grow. In 2014, it contracted by 0.52 percent. Last year it contracted by 1.67 percent. Our unemployment rate was last measured at 12.7 percent. The youth unemployment rate was 25.8 percent. Sandals and the Baham...
The perception of independence
The Free National Movement (FNM) is trying to complete its list of candidates for the general election as soon as possible in order to provide these men and women proper time to hit the ground and get to know their constituents. On September 15, the...
Find a way to be of service
Before he made his transition, I used to listen to Wayne Dyer as he presented very inspiring lectures on PBS. I also of course have read many of his bestselling books. Now I remember well, that in one of his many presentations on PBS he was speakin...
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