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National Review

Are we really civilized?
As we all know, we human beings like to refer to ourselves as ‘Civilized’. However, as I look around the world today and observe much of the actual behaviour that so many human beings are engaging in, I sometimes shake my head in disbelief at th...
The war within
We are at a watershed moment in the development of our national politics, and a pivotal juncture in the life of the Free National Movement (FNM). Its very existence is being challenged as a result of a decision by seven FNM MPs to pull the rug from ...
A stand against failed leadership
The Free National Movement’s ship has already left the dock en route to Government House, Dr. Hubert Minnis declared on Wednesday night, hours after the majority of the FNM’s team in the House of Assembly unexpectedly pulled a freshly sharpened p...
Trafficking in stupidity
The latest asinine statement from MICAL MP V. Alfred Gray reflects the disturbing thinking of some in the political leadership in The Bahamas and reminds many why there is a view among so many who make up the electorate that these leaders have long p...
Smugglers’ paradise
Shipping in Nassau is a story of two worlds: The Nassau Container Port at Arawak Cay — which with all its checks and balances still faces a problem, albeit small, with the smuggling of guns, drugs and money — and to the east, Potter’s Cay Dock,...
No one can hurt you
Firstly, let me make a most important statement which hopefully will assist you in better understanding the message for today. ‘No One Can Hurt You’ without your permission. But D. Paul you may protest, there’s a Supervisor at work whose atti...
Fire and fury
Much has changed since those contentious days when Edison Key, the South and Central Abaco MP, helped save Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis from being knifed by members of the party’s parliamentary caucus, who concluded that Mi...
The changed leader
FNMs everywhere and other Bahamians yearning for better political and national leadership have had their prayers answered. As a result of the Black Friday march, Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis says he is a changed leader. Finally, ...
The Free National Movement (FNM) and the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) have reportedly failed to reach agreement over a possible accommodation heading into the next general election. According to National Review sources, DNA Leader Branville Mc...
By all accounts, many Bahamians view the Christmas decorations put up at Arawak Cay and in Downtown Nassau as an offense to our sensibilities. We agree. The decorations are tacky, amateurish and unattractive. We could and should do better. It is ...
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