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National Review

You do not have consent
The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is pursuing a course that is a direct threat to its future in power. It is engaged in talks with the government of the People’s Republic of China on a deal that could involve up to 20,000 acres of Crown land in A...
Doing the work of democracy
In order to write this piece I had to ensure I wouldn’t be a hypocrite. I was among the tens of thousands not registered to vote. On Friday I went to the Parliamentary Registration Department at Farrington Road. I entered the front door at 4 p.m. ...
The rise of the narcissist
I always thought this was Donald Trump’s election to lose. His message was that of the times. He reached out to working class whites who have been displaced by free trade, saying these deals were bad. He said he would be tough on law and order issu...
Waiting whilst doing
There’s no doubt about it, as we pursue our goals and objectives, there will be periods when we have to wait very patiently for everything to fall into place, so to speak. That’s right, as we travel down the proverbial road to success, there wil...
In a tangle
Listening to V. Alfred Gray maneuver his way through the latest round of controversy to ensnare him reminded us of his disgracefully conflicting responses after we revealed last year that he had involved himself in a judicial matter in his constituen...
‘Absolutely not’
The executive director of one local environmental group has warned against The Bahamas “selling our soul” to the Chinese and another stressed that sensitive marine habitats of the country simply could not withstand the large-scale fishing initiat...
A waste of time?
Now that the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) long-awaited report into the government’s Urban Renewal Programme has been tabled in Parliament, Urban Renewal Co-Chair Algernon Allen has told The Tribune plans are underway to produce another repor...
Proposal sparks Florida alarm
There are concerns in South Florida that the proposed joint-venture between The Bahamas and China for a fishing initiative in Bahamian waters would erode the gains made in protecting precious species. “The Chinese just do not have a very good trac...
Cover all the bases
The title of today’s article ‘Cover All The Bases’ is a term used in baseball meaning of course, that the team that is fielding has all of the bases covered with one of their players ready to get a member of the opposite team out if they don’...
An eternal rut
In March 2010, when we sat with then Opposition Leader Perry Christie to discuss his bid to return as prime minister of The Bahamas, Christie confirmed that while he planned to lead the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) into the 2012 general election, ...
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