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National Review

Horror show in Bahamian politics
Despite failing to get the Bahamian economy moving, failing to drive unemployment below double digits and failing to meet its key election pledges to ‘keep Bahamians safe’ and ‘put Bahamians first’, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) emerged...
Turnquest: FNM not ready to govern
Lester Turnquest, a former FNM MP, has decided to roll with Prime Minister Perry Christie and the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Turnquest told National Review the Free National Movement is not ready to govern. “I think that the future may bode...
Bait and switch
There’s an advertisement which has been appearing on television for quite a while now advertising all sort of items, T.V., Computers, Cell Phones, etc. at extremely low rates. I was speaking with someone about this particular ad and he told me, th...
Stacking the deck
The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has something to prove this week. It is coming toward the end of a term of low achievement and unfulfilled promises with a leader who is a drag on national development, one who is masterful at obfuscation, heavy o...
A grim boast
Junk bond status and a no-growth economy notwithstanding, Prime Minister Perry Christie has declared that Bahamians have “every indication before them that we are on the path to recovery as a country”. Seeking to present evidence to support his ...
No place like home
Central and South Abaco MP Edison Key was in a familiar place last night. Key created quite a stir when he showed up at the PLP’s convention, smiling ear to ear. Key was checking out the convention nearly two months after he lashed Free National ...
Bleak options
An estimated 100,000 Bahamians who are eligible to vote in the 2017 general election have not yet registered to vote. There have been repeated calls by political leaders and others for people to register so they will be able to exercise their democr...
Intolerable state of affairs
On January 9, 2011, with three murders already recorded for the year, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts demanded the resignation of Tommy Turnquest, the then minister of national security. Roberts attacked the Ingraham adminis...
Making a joke of justice
Growing up in England and Ireland, I remember we had great respect for the court system. In fact, I didn’t see the inside of a court until I was in my early twenties when I had an accident in my very first car whilst traveling from London to Birmi...
Clash and conflict
A letter signed by several members of the Free National Movement’s (FNM) Exuma and Ragged Island Association, dated January 13, and addressed to FNM Chairman Sidney Collie, objected to the party’s ratification of Navarro Bowe, 28, and says the as...
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