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National Review

Ingraham responds to NR
The Nassau Guardian’s National Review carried stories in its Wednesday March, 29 edition maintaining the hypocrisy of the Free National Movement (FNM) in connection with the non-presentation of a Mid-Year Budget in February, 2012. The article stat...
We’re all salespeople
I spent a great part of my life as a Salesman, marketing various products and services all over the world in Europe, North America, The Caribbean, The Pacific, The Far East and Australia and I must say I did real well at it. Actually, in the seventi...
King of the swing
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters cheered and McFadden & Whitehead’s “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” blared from the speakers as Prime Minister Perry Christie — like a skilled magician with a gullible audience — declared at a rall...
Height of hypocrisy
In an early address to Parliament after coming to power in 2012, Prime Minister Perry Christie announced that legislation would “soon” be tabled to prevent any administration from entering into contracts between the time Parliament is dissolved a...
Smith: Mackey did not disclose debt to FNM
Senior Free National Movement member C. A. Smith, a key figure on the FNM’s candidates committee, said yesterday North Eleuthera candidate Rickey Mackey failed to disclose he owed customs when he was asked whether he had any outstanding debts. “...
Flouting the law
The issue of accountability — or rather the lack thereof — has emerged as a central theme this election season, but in truth, the Christie administration’s failure to be transparent and accountable in multiple instances over the course of this ...
Read them well
For anyone who wishes to succeed in life, across the board, there’s no doubt about it, you need to be able to communicate on a regular basis with others, in all aspects of your life.  Now to make it real simple, which is what I like to do in t...
Hard sell
With a dismal record this term and an unfocused election campaign, Prime Minister Perry Christie has clearly decided that the most effective message for him right now is to place the spotlight on Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis ...
House attendance record revealed
The House of Assembly met 220 times this session. North Abaco MP Renardo Curry was absent 102 times, according to records of the House of Assembly. It is unclear why the MP was absent from the House for nearly 50 percent of the sittings since May 2...
Life around the govt water pump
Beads of sweat dance across the forehead of 29-year-old Prince Williams, who squints in the hot, but not yet brutal March sun, as he fills a jug at a water pump at Scott Street and Rupert Dean Lane in Bain Town. Williams, who has a record for danger...
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