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National Review

Dr. Minnis pursuing proper course
To successfully lead a political party is to build coalitions and to keep them together. Under the Free National Movement (FNM) banner, you have some of the old white merchant class oligopoly, former founders of the Progressive Libe...
Dangerous headwinds
Tourism is what sustains us in The Bahamas. It’s our number one industry, the biggest mover of our economy. Over the past decade, there has been a boom, of sorts, in tourist arrivals with our overall tally surpassing the 6 million mark. This incre...
Missed opportunity
The recent rolling blackouts in New Providence were a reminder that another political term will come to an end without the necessary big investment in energy sector reform having been made. The status quo remains. Summer comes, and the power goes off...
Touch lives
Now although today’s title is indeed a short one with just two words in it ‘Touch Lives’ the message contained in it is indeed a very important one. Yes indeed, I honestly believe that each and every one of us should be going out of our way t...
Give unity one last try
When leaders become unpopular the signs are everywhere. That’s what it has come to with our prime minister. The things people say about him in private conversations, on social media, on talk radio are hostile. The only kind words you hear are from...
Bahamians won’t accept defense of sealed deal
Prime Minister Perry Christie spent time in the House of Assembly on Wednesday further promoting the understanding he says has been reached with the Chinese regarding Baha Mar. He first spoke of this on August 22 in a national address from the Cabine...
Abortion should be legal
The confirmation of cases of Zika virus in The Bahamas has spurred discussion of the country’s abortion laws. If pregnant women are infected with Zika, microcephaly can result. Microcephaly is a condition associated with incomplete brain developmen...
Stepping forward for public life
There is increasing concern about the state of the country. We are in a recession. The unemployment rate has been in the double digits for nearly a decade. Poor performance in our public education system persists. A high rate of violent crime has cla...
Are you wasting time?
My Friend, today I’m going to be dealing with the effective use of our time whilst here on planet earth during this incarnation. I like to refer to time as the great equalizer, after all, everyone has exactly the same amount of time to use to becom...
The anatomy of trust
It is difficult to believe anything Prime Minister Perry Christie says to us these days. That is his own fault. If indeed work remobilizes next month on the troubled Baha Mar project, if the workers who lost their jobs last year get what is owed to...
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