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National Review

Despite the dismal performance of Perry Christie and his Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) over the last five years, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has not yet made an adequate case for why he should lead the country, former FNM ...
Watch out for bogus pledges
If you are feeling nauseated by the current mix of political spin, pie-in-the sky pledges, and at times incomprehensible prattle that is shaping the 2017 election season, you are not alone. Consider this: The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) released...
What are they hiding?
In two days, if all goes according to plan, Prime Minister Perry Christie would be successful in getting Baha Mar opened ahead of the general election — even if it is only a partial opening. Christie and his ministers continue to boast about this ...
The politics of smear
They don’t call this the silly season for nothing. Social media has added another dimension to our politics. With so many people now getting their information from Facebook and through WhatsApp, the spinners have moved into high gear, churning ou...
Time for reflection
I do believe, that every now and then, at least once a month, everyone needs to stop their busy, hectic schedule, take a few steps back and spend some ‘Quiet Time’ reflecting on all aspects of his or her life. So D. Paul, what are some of the th...
The grim & the grave
The stage has been set for what promises to be an interesting showdown between Perry Gladstone Christie, a weary political titan with an insatiable lust for power, and Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis, a far from inspirational opponent, who managed to ove...
Black hole
With the symbolic ringing of the bell yesterday, we are fully into election season, but voters should be mindful that there are a number of critical matters the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government has refused to fully report on — if they hav...
Conjuring up the boogeyman
Old-style PLP politics clearly designed to instill fear in the minds of voters that there are some foreign or white elements poised to take control of the country with an anti-PLP vote has been introduced into the 2017 general election campaign by Fo...
Out of his depth
Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis yesterday again refused to take any questions from the media. We raised the matter last week of Minnis choosing to remain scripted heading into the general election. Bahamians should take note. ...
Don’t make desperate decisions
As all of My Regular Readers will indeed be fully aware of; decision making is a most important factor when it comes to getting ahead in life. We must be decisive if we are to solve everyday problems and thus finally achieve the goals and objectives...
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