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National Review

‘Absolutely not’
The executive director of one local environmental group has warned against The Bahamas “selling our soul” to the Chinese and another stressed that sensitive marine habitats of the country simply could not withstand the large-scale fishing initiat...
A waste of time?
Now that the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) long-awaited report into the government’s Urban Renewal Programme has been tabled in Parliament, Urban Renewal Co-Chair Algernon Allen has told The Tribune plans are underway to produce another repor...
Proposal sparks Florida alarm
There are concerns in South Florida that the proposed joint-venture between The Bahamas and China for a fishing initiative in Bahamian waters would erode the gains made in protecting precious species. “The Chinese just do not have a very good trac...
Cover all the bases
The title of today’s article ‘Cover All The Bases’ is a term used in baseball meaning of course, that the team that is fielding has all of the bases covered with one of their players ready to get a member of the opposite team out if they don’...
An eternal rut
In March 2010, when we sat with then Opposition Leader Perry Christie to discuss his bid to return as prime minister of The Bahamas, Christie confirmed that while he planned to lead the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) into the 2012 general election, ...
Here we go again
When it comes to politics, Lanisha Rolle has proven she has multiple lives. Last week, the former Free National Movement (FNM) senator received her party’s nomination for Sea Breeze. Rolle quoted a well-known nursery rhyme as she accepted the nom...
A new normal
WEST END, Grand Bahama — Keith Cooper, a 59-year-old businessman, who with his wife, Linda, owns West End Ecology Tours, bent down and picked up a small sewing kit out of a pile of debris, dusted it off and put it into his pocket as if he had found...
Struggle for survival
HUNTERS, Grand Bahama — When we stopped by the home of Frances Marinette Lewis, in Hunters, Grand Bahama, last Wednesday, it still looked as if a bomb had been dropped on it. Half of the walls and a big portion of the roof were ripped down by Hurr...
I’m willing to accept failure
I forget who it was right now, but someone once said “Show me someone who has never tried and failed and you’ll be showing me someone who has never tried to achieve anything worthwhile in life” ... oh how true that really is! Yes indeed, we all...
From the hip
With the political black eye he sustained over his botched handling of Hurricane Joaquin a year ago no doubt still fresh in his mind, Prime Minister Perry Christie approached the handling of Hurricane Matthew with a refreshing degree of seriousness. ...
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