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Changing the gambling laws without a plan
On March 5, Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe told the House of Assembly that he intended to present a proposal for the regularization of web shops to Cabinet and would push for this to be official by July 1. Wilchcombe said the proposal would add...
The PLP’s chance at telecommunications liberalization
With the ending of the cellular monopoly of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration has the task of leading the process of introducing another competitor to the marketplace. This version of te...
Strange practices at the House of Assembly
We Bahamians are not good with time. In fact, we are so bad with punctuality that the term “Bahamian time” has emerged to indicate a time consistently later than when something should occur or when someone should arrive. Sadly, tardiness is part ...
Putting the cart before the horse
Consultation was a hallmark of Perry Christie’s early leadership. During his first term as prime minister, he was actually criticized for consulting too much and not being sufficiently decisive. In this term, the image of Christie as the “great...
Standing for your rights
A small group showed up in Rawson Square to protest the remarks of Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller in the House of Assembly during the mid-year budget debate on abusing an ex-girlfriend. Miller initially said he was serious about the comments. After a ba...
The referendum that may never come
When this Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration pledges the date for something to happen, one thing you know for sure is it won’t happen on that day. Chairman of the Constitutional Commission Sean McWeeney said on Tuesday the government m...
The Critical Care Block and the ongoing game of excuses
If a government is repeatedly unable to meet important deadlines, the least it can do is maintain a consistent message about why. The announcement of yet another – this time indefinite – delay in the opening of the Critical Care Block at Princes...
The Christie freeze on the economy
The Bahamas has had a tough time since the financial crisis of 2008. All these years later the unemployment rate in the country is still 15.4 percent. While the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has The Bahamas’ real GDP set to grow by 2.3 percen...
The departure of a legendary investor
Sol Kerzner’s investment changed The Bahamas and helped improve the lives of the people who live on these islands. The South African took over the struggling Paradise Island resorts in the 1990s. His Atlantis then became a sprawling resort destin...
The costs of smuggling in The Bahamas
The circumstances surrounding last week's discovery of four burned bodies on the Cay Sal Bank, the farthest southwestern corner of The Bahamas, are still officially categorized as a mystery. According to reports, the bodies of three men and one woma...
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