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Bahamian’s hoop dreams come true
Many Bahamians tuned in last night to the NBA Draft. Yes, we are basketball fans but that’s not the main reason much of the country watched. A local boy who became an American college basketball star was about to get his chance in the big league. ...
Opposition leaders must evolve their thinking on capital punishment
Bahamians are concerned with the crime problem we’ve faced the past decade – a problem particularly situated in New Providence. There were 146 murders last year – a record and a very high figure for such a small place. It is unclear if we will ...
The country waits on the FNM
At the end of next month the Free National Movement (FNM) will go to convention. All posts will be open for those seeking to be officers of the party. This is good for the opposition. Factions have emerged that no longer get along. Races must occur ...
Being better in the new school year
Schools are closing across the country. Thousands of children won’t be back in classrooms in our public and private schools until the fall. Parents are thinking of summer school, summer trips and what to do with kids who are doing neither. When th...
The Chinese are not our enemies
The Baha Mar bankruptcy is going into its second year. Prime Minister Perry Christie announced at the start of the budget debate that there was some “deal” by the Chinese lender, the Export-Import Bank of China, and the parent company of the cont...
Mediocrity and youth
The school year has come to an end and there are proms for seniors graduating and heading to new phases of life. Proms are celebrations of that transition. Teenagers get dressed up and say goodbye to the school and friends. Here in The Bahamas proms...
Two young athletes on top of their games
Shaunae Miller continues her rise as one of the great female sprinters in the world. On Saturday she set a new national record of 22.05 seconds, winning the women’s 200 meters at the JN Racers Grand Prix Meet in Kingston, Jamaica. The time bested ...
Sir Arthur is not Simon
We publish today a long letter from C.A. Smith, a former member of Parliament and the Cabinet, who is also a cornerstone member of the Free National Movement (FNM). His letter is a vicious attack on Sir Arthur Foulkes – a man he says he has been ac...
The challenge for a new generation
Bahamians yesterday rejected the idea of gender equality put to them in the referendum. They voted no to all four questions. Discrimination will remain in our supreme law when it comes to the passage of citizenship. We said by our vote that we do not...
Your vote has real consequences
We have all had our say and today is voting day in the gender equality referendum. We should be proud as a country that we fight our battles with words and not bullets. For all our problems we keep violence out of our politics. The Bahamas is a sophi...
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