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Improving our education system
Two of the indispensable ingredients necessary for a child’s successful education are a home life conducive to learning and good teaching in school. Improving the quality of family life is a rather complex matter, admitting no easy or short-term so...
Exercise your democratic power
Interesting debates always emerge when the question is posed as to whether or not citizens living in democracies should feel obligated to vote. Most democracies were fought for. People who campaigned for freedom, self-governance and civil rights wer...
Seeing our police on the streets
The Royal Bahamas Police Force has upped its presence in downtown Nassau. Young officers can be seen in groups of three and four at nearly every street corner in the city center. They are there during the day and night hours. Downtown Nassau is home...
A new PM should be held to account too
The election is a month away and the opposition Free National Movement (FNM) is pressing its case. It is the only party capable of ousting the ruling Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). The third party Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has no seats and...
Branville McCartney’s selfish and smug games
DNA chieftain Branville “Look How Amazing I Am” McCartney, will have his place in the political history of The Bahamas. He will be recorded as one of the most vainglorious individuals ever to run for political office. This is a significant feat,...
The plight of the migrant traveler
Haiti is a country of nearly 11 million people. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is still recovering from the devastating earthquake of 2010. Its people flee the island looking for opportunity in more prosperous places. We are...
Trying to win the election
Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival was supposed to take place between May 4 and 6 in New Providence. Organizers planned around that date. People bought supplies. Visitors booked tickets. Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday confirmed that the dates for ca...
Last chance to register
The Office of the Prime Minister announced last night that Parliament will be dissolved on Tuesday, April 11. Those registered on or before Monday, April 10 will be eligible to vote in the next general election. Prime Minister Perry Christie did the...
Post-carnival election will hurt PLP
Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is scheduled for May 4 to 6 in New Providence. Bahamians love a good party – especially if the music and drinks are flowing. Thousands will be on the streets for the road march. Thousands more will attend the concerts. It ...
Sun sets on the House
Members of the House of Assembly, our elected chamber, met for what appeared to be the final time yesterday. At the end of official business – the passing of bills and resolutions – those not seeking re-election said their goodbyes. Prime Minist...
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