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Sound advice from the former prime minister
It is important for the Free National Movement (FNM) to stay focused on moving forward. The government of The Bahamas is in a precarious financial position. Debt levels have risen sharply. The economy is not growing. Unemployment is high. Grand Baham...
The mandate for bold reform
The New Providence Landfill has been a problem across various administrations. When it ignited again in March no one could put all the blame on then Prime Minister Perry Christie. The fire was one of the worst in the site’s history. The nearby Jub...
Governments must lead in the crime fight
Political parties are elected to government to solve problems. For example, if there are no roads and people have difficulty getting from place to place, members of the electorate will want men and women in power who are able to cause roads to be bui...
Con artists on the streets
Summertime not only brings with it heat and the fear of hurricane strikes. It also seems to bring out additional con artists and schemers — those who concoct fascinating stories in an effort to get members of the public to contribute financially to...
The wisdom of old advice
Living in a hurricane zone, we grow up hearing advice on storm preparation. Public service announcements repeat this information constantly. You should buy this, cut down and store that. The damage caused by Hurricane Matthew reminds us of the necess...
Action needed to keep public confidence
In the budget debate members of the new Cabinet of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis spent hours outlining shocking misbehavior with public funds by the last Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration. Tens of millions, possibly hundreds of millio...
A needed fight for the soul of the PLP
Formed in 1953, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is our oldest political party. It has won eight elections and governed for 35 years since majority rule. The PLP is responsible for much of what the modern Bahamas is — the good and the bad. It e...
Upgrading search and rescue capabilities
The government has borrowed $150 million to help pay for the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. The storm hit the northwestern Bahamas at the beginning of October 2016. A year before Hurricane Joaquin hit the central and southern Bahamas. It is esti...
A reflection on what should have been
Dr. Bernard Nottage had quite the life of accomplishments. He was a star athlete, a gynecologist and obstetrician who brought thousands into the world, a successful businessman, a long-standing member of Parliament, and a member of several Cabinets. ...
Migration and the dignity of the individual
U.S. President Donald Trump ran a campaign of ethnic demonization and fear. He called Mexicans coming over the border rapists and drug dealers. He made Americans think people coming there from Syria, escaping a brutal civil war, were terrorists. Tru...
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