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A U.S. policy change on Cubans
Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama yesterday announced the ending of the longstanding policy of his country to allow Cubans who make it to U.S. soil to stay in the country and become legal residents. The commonly referred to “wet foot, dry foot ...
Where does the opposition coalition go from here?
On the 50th anniversary of majority rule there were dueling marches. The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), the organization that was at the front of the effort to end minority rule, led a group. The newly formed organization, We March, led another. Th...
Protecting our election process
We hold sacred in The Bahamas our democratic system. Each individual who is a Bahamian citizen 18 years of age or older, who is not imprisoned or legally declared mentally incapacitated, who satisfies the residency requirements, is entitled to vote i...
Changing performance outcomes
When schools open across the country each school year, the focus for many is on purchasing items to go back to class. Ensuring children are properly dressed and have the hardware necessary for learning is an important part of parenting. However, nice...
Baha Mar secrecy haunts the PLP
This newspaper reported on Thursday that as part of the agreement with the Chinese to get Baha Mar remobilized, opened and former workers and unsecured creditors paid, the government agreed to waive value-added tax (VAT) for China Construction Americ...
The test for Minnis
Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) Dr. Hubert Minnis addressed the nation last night. Minnis was the leader of the opposition. That job was taken from him at the end of last year when seven FNM MPs decided Loretta Butler-Turner should have th...
Seeing our police on the streets
The Royal Bahamas Police Force has upped its presence in downtown Nassau. Young officers can be seen in groups of three and four at nearly every street corner in the city center. They are there during the day and night hours. Downtown Nassau is home...
Let the people register
It was surprising to read the remarks of Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall in the media last week. In a story in The Tribune, Hall defended the right of his department not to register women they perceive to be improperly dressed for registratio...
Not getting value for money
Downtown Nassau looks cheap. The Christmas decorations the government paid for are mediocre. Bahamians complained for weeks. Then we discovered a contract was awarded to a company owned by Neville Wisdom, a former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) min...
The politics of marching
The organizers of We March Bahamas still plan to lead a march to downtown Nassau on January 10 despite the Cabinet Office denying their request to occupy Rawson and Parliament squares as they did on November 25. In a letter issued to the group’s m...
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