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Party discipline and free speech
Three young government MPs, part of the much-touted “new generation” of politicians who will purportedly lead us into the future, decided to use this year’s budget debate to express some independent ideas. Marco City MP Gregory Moss criticized...
Crime and child abuse: taking a look in the mirror
The sexual abuse of children ranks among the most heinous forms of barbarity that we are able to contemplate. The idea that someone is capable of inflicting such catastrophic and lasting damage on an innocent, unsuspecting minor sparks outrage among ...
Poverty, VAT, and the PLP’s promises
Forty-three thousand people in The Bahamas were living below the poverty line around this time last year, according to data from the Department of Statistics. Nothing that has happened since suggests this number might be any lower today; in fact, it ...
The pressures of political leadership
It’s a pleasure at nights to peer through the newspaper as it is being formed. Varied stories from the varied sections can catch your attention for all kinds of reasons. Some claims are outlandish. Some cases at court are fascinating. Some declarat...
Citizen agitation good for democracy
A loose coalition of interests has scheduled a protest in Rawson Square today to push for the enactment of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The last Free National Movement (FNM) administration led the passage of the FOIA in the House, with the su...
Remembering the dead
During the period 2007 to 2011, there were four murder records in five years in The Bahamas. The worst of these years was 2011 when 127 people were murdered. This year we are on pace for another such dubious mark, with somewhere near 60 people havin...
The FNM deputy should go further
The Free National Movement (FNM) will have a leadership fight at its next convention – whenever that is. Party Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has been unimpressive in his post. The FNM would be hampered in its attempt to beat the governing Progressive Li...
In the interests of their friends
The governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has said it intends to regularize and tax web shops. As we have mentioned, that statement does not speak to whether or not the government will fully legalize gambling for Bahamians or create a two-tiered ...
The dream scenario for the DNA
After the 2012 general election there were divided opinions on the performance of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA). Some were of the view that the 8.5 percent of the vote the party received demonstrated that it could never win the government. O...
Bimini and the theory of anchor projects
So far, public debate over the controversial resort development in Bimini has revolved around fears that a pristine environmental gem and one of the most important spawning areas for commercially valuable fish will be destroyed by large-scale dredgin...
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