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Is this the best we can do?
The information technology revolution of the past three decades has made things once thought magical quite normal parts of life. On a smartphone you can have a video conference being in The Bahamas with someone in Australia; while on a vacation in Be...
The sound of noise
On Monday Prime Minister Perry Christie declared that if a plan such as the $2.1 billion China-Bahamas agri-fisheries project in Andros came before Cabinet it would be “rejected outright”. This was during a heated exchange in the House of Assembl...
A newspaper’s birthday
The Nassau Guardian turns 172 years old today. It is the oldest newspaper in the country. As far as we are aware, it is also the oldest business in The Bahamas. That this paper, formed out of a debate over slavery, is still here and vibrant nearly tw...
Will Bahamians march?
A local activist is planning a march in downtown Nassau for November 25. Our Carmichael community founder Ranard Henfield is trying to bring Bahamians together to agitate for better from our leaders. “I’ve wanted to get to the point where the co...
The politics of crime
There have been 88 murders in 2016, as compared to the 134 murders recorded up to this point in 2015. Last year there were a record 146 murders. Since Sunday, three people were killed in separate incidents in New Providence. A shooting on Monday nigh...
It is time to end the death penalty
We agree wholeheartedly with the Catholic bishops in their call for an end to the death penalty. This newspaper has held that position for some time. The death penalty is irreversible and the criminal justice system often gets it wrong. Additionally...
Mourning for America
It is unclear how Donald Trump will govern when he is sworn in as president of the United States on January 20, 2017. His victory on November 8 defied the polls and left reasonable people shocked around the world. We too are surprised that America el...
Decency and following the law
Hurricane Matthew caused damage to homes across New Providence. Those who live on the southern coast took the hardest hit, as storm surge accompanied the 140-mile-per-hour winds. Furniture and appliances were lost due to flood damage. In the days af...
New Providence and the Family Islands
The Family Islands are remarkably unfamiliar to many Nassauvians. We spend millions of dollars to court tourists to our islands. Incentives to encourage local travelers and developers exist but they are inadequate. Even a shopping trip to Miami coul...
Nonsense talk from a minister
The Bahamian economy has not grown in three years. We have had back-to-back direct hits from major hurricanes in successive years. When the next unemployment numbers are released it would not surprise us if the figure surpasses 16 percent. These are ...
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