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An advancement for women
January will mark the 50th anniversary of majority rule. We have had 11 elections since 1967. Yesterday was the first time a woman became leader of the opposition. Loretta Butler-Turner is not the leader of the party with the most seats on the oppos...
Is this the best we can do?
The information technology revolution of the past three decades has made things once thought magical quite normal parts of life. On a smartphone you can have a video conference being in The Bahamas with someone in Australia; while on a vacation in Be...
A flourishing democracy at work
The decision by seven Free National Movement (FNM) members of Parliament to withdraw their support from Dr. Hubert Minnis as opposition leader is yet another example of the health and vibrance of our democracy. Neko Grant, Loretta Butler-Turner, Hube...
What will she do next?
A group of Free National Movement (FNM) members of Parliament shocked the country yesterday. Neko Grant, Loretta Butler-Turner, Hubert Chipman, Richard Lightbourn, Dr. Andre Rollins, Theo Neilly and Edison Key signed a letter to Governor General Dame...
An open mind on immigration matters
While the world is witnessing a terrible humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, Bahamians mutter on about our immigration woes with our neighbor to the south, Haiti. It is an all too familiar tale where violence, political persecution and economic d...
The wisdom of old advice
Living in a hurricane zone, we grow up hearing advice on storm preparation. Public service announcements repeat this information constantly. You should buy this, cut down and store that. The damage caused by Hurricane Matthew reminds us of the necess...
The regularity of darkness
Modern, prosperous societies require reliable electricity supplies that are affordable. We do not have that in The Bahamas. The electricity has been going off every day in New Providence for nearly a week. Sometimes it’s for a few minutes; sometime...
Remembering to give
As the year comes to an end, many of us are thinking of what to buy for those close to us. The streets and malls will soon be filled with shoppers. In these final weeks before Christmas, however, we should all also consider giving of our time and re...
A stupid suggestion by a young activist
Last Friday Bahamians marched to the city center in Nassau in protest of the governance being delivered by Perry Christie and his administration. People had various issues they wanted highlighted. Some were upset by the sale of Crown land to foreigne...
Can Minnis seize the moment?
The people who marched on Bay Street last Friday are opposition voters. The people who showed up later in the day to show solidarity with the protesters are opposition voters. The people who wore black but did not attend the march are opposition vote...
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