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The wisdom of old advice
Living in a hurricane zone, we grow up hearing advice on storm preparation. Public service announcements repeat this information constantly. You should buy this, cut down and store that. The damage caused by Hurricane Matthew reminds us of the necess...
Celebration and the transition of youth
The school year has come to an end and there are proms for seniors graduating and heading to new phases of life. Proms are celebrations of that transition. Teenagers get dressed up and say goodbye to their school and friends. Here in The Bahamas, pr...
The fight to lift the seal
The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) did not want the Bahamian people to know what it agreed to in order for Baha Mar to “open” in April. Perry Christie thought his chance of winning a third term as prime minister was good if the mega-resort were ...
A lesson from the U.K.
Prime Minister Theresa May believed the polls. She and her Conservative Party were said to be up 20 percentage points on Labour and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The hard left politician had lost a confidence vote among his MPs. The prime minister want...
Workers the country can’t afford
The Bahamas has been in a no-growth/contraction phase the past few years. In that time government debt has gone up. The government debt-to-GDP went from 48 percent in the 2011/12 fiscal year to a projected 71.5 percent this fiscal year. The new Free...
Our lawless streets
New vehicle licensing began at the end of last October. We are nearing the end of the process. There are fewer of the old aquamarine plates on the streets. The licensing process has not been easy. During the first few months the Road Traffic Departm...
The mandate for bold reform
The New Providence Landfill has been a problem across various administrations. When it ignited again in March no one could put all the blame on then Prime Minister Perry Christie. The fire was one of the worst in the site’s history. The nearby Jub...
The importance of the Paris Agreement
It is rare for there to be consensus among nearly all countries. The Paris Agreement was one of those rare moments where leaders from around the world agreed to take action to slow the warming of the planet. The representatives of 196 parties negoti...
The mess they left
When the Bahamian people voted on May 10 they attempted something extraordinary. They tried to remove the entire Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) from elected office. They nearly succeeded. The PLP won only four of 39 seats in the House of Assembly. ...
Separating elections and budgets
May 10 marked the fourth-consecutive time The Bahamas has had a general election in May. This is a bad practice we keep repeating. By law the budget statement is to be presented to Parliament by the end of May. The state’s fiscal year ends June 30...
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