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Resolving police pay issue
Officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force yesterday began receiving payments owed to them for working extended shifts in 2013. The payments were made at the Police Training College in New Providence. In 2013 officers worked 12-hour shifts in an eff...
End of the road for the third party
The Democratic National Alliance (DNA), which was formed in 2011, has now run in two elections. In May 2012 it won 8.5 percent of the vote and no seats. The party kept together and tried again. In May 2017 it won 4.7 percent of the vote and no seats....
Ensuring public service modernization continues
Many of us have had the pleasure of registering to vote over the past few months. Getting close to the process reminds us all of some of the glaring deficiencies. One such deficiency is the handwritten voter’s card. It’s archaic, inefficient and...
Political appointees should offer resignations
When governments change in The Bahamas there is always this discourse about victimization. Operatives of the losing side who work for the government beg the new administration not to fire them. No democratic government should go on a witch-hunt in t...
Referenda are dangerous things
We have had three referenda in our independent history. Two were constitutional referenda. The third was an opinion poll, of sorts, on gambling. The Bahamian people voted down all questions in all three referenda by significant majorities. It is als...
Stepping away from the Christie legacy
Toward the end of the general election campaign we watched a clip of Perry Christie. He was then prime minister and leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) – a post he held for nearly 20 years. We are not sure which of the Family Islands he ...
Love affair will end without economic growth
Bahamians are pleased that they removed the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and its former leader, Perry Christie, from office. There was a genuine fear that the party would ruin The Bahamas. From Abaco in the north to the MICAL constituency in the ...
Young MP should be patient
Members of Parliament are scheduled to be sworn in on Wednesday when Parliament opens. The Free National Movement (FNM) won 35 seats. The PLP only captured four. The new prime minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has named his Cabinet. It’s big. There are...
Police investigation should take its course
We should not get excited just because the Royal Bahamas Police Force has taken a former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) member of Parliament into custody. Our force is independent and has the authority to pursue any matter, regardless of who might b...
PM should not forget women with Senate picks
The new Cabinet of Dr. Hubert Minnis is comprised of 19 people. Only one is a woman, Lanisha Rolle. She is the minister of social services and urban development and member of Parliament for Seabreeze. This is a step back for The Bahamas. The Free Na...
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