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Minnis should be careful with his pledges on crime
In the run-up to the 2012 general election the then opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) condemned the governing Free National Movement (FNM) on its record on crime. There had been several murder records during the FNM’s term. Crime was a maj...
A celebratory moment
Bahamian 400 meter gold medalist Shaunae Miller is scheduled to return to The Bahamas today. Her race was one of the most talked about moments of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She led the whole way, but her legs failed her during the last few meter...
Not believing in Bahamians
When the Christie administration intervened in the Baha Mar matter it said it did so in the interest of Bahamians. The government argued that $1.2 billion in concessions and public land was involved in the deal, so it pursued a course that led to ban...
Secrecy indicates there’s no final deal yet
We listened to the press conference Monday night by Prime Minister Perry Christie on Baha Mar. Since it was a national address we thought he would be there along with the Export-Import Bank of China, the lender; China Construction America, the builde...
A day of bad news for The Bahamas
It was announced yesterday by the Ministry of Health that there are now four confirmed cases of the Zika virus in New Providence. Of the 83 suspected cases throughout The Bahamas, officials say eight are pregnant women. Zika causes severe brain defor...
Myths of immigration
The Department of Statistics and Department of Immigration released an instructive report on Friday. They detailed the issuance of work permits to foreigners in 2015. A total of 9,208 work permits were issued last year – 6,215 to foreign men and 2...
Exercise your democratic power
Interesting debates always emerge when the question is posed as to whether or not citizens living in democracies should feel obligated to vote. Most democracies were fought for. People who campaigned for freedom, self-governance and civil rights wer...
A true commitment to transparency
The run-up to every Bahamian election in recent memory has featured a list of the failures and missteps of the incumbent party, painstakingly compiled by their enthusiastic rivals, for the consideration of the voting public. Over the past few electi...
Defending a leader who has failed for self-interest
When Perry Christie said he wanted to stay on as leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and prime minister because younger PLPs asked him to, we thought he was having another moment of delusion. Christie has failed as prime minister. We need n...
Saying less about Baha Mar is best for now
It’s amazing to drive by Baha Mar. The large multibillion-dollar resort sits in the middle of Cable Beach fenced in and unoccupied. The development has been in bankruptcy for more than a year. Bahamians are curious about it for obvious reasons. Tw...
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