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Staying engaged in the process
Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall confirmed recently that fewer than 32 percent of expected eligible voters have registered to vote for the next general election. The next vote is expected in the spring of 2017. “It’s slow all around the 3...
A strange gift at a strange time from the opposition leader
The Bahamas is still in emergency response phase after Hurricane Matthew. The Category 4 storm caused significant damage to New Providence, Andros, Grand Bahama and the Berry Islands. Homes were destroyed; infrastructure was damaged or destroyed. Ele...
The wisdom of old advice
Living in a hurricane zone, we grow up hearing advice on storm preparation. Public service announcements repeat this information constantly. You should buy this, cut down and store that. The damage caused by Hurricane Matthew reminds us of the necess...
Statement on Hurricane Matthew
As the people of The Bahamas recover from the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, please would you convey my sympathy to those whose property or livelihoods have been affected by this terrible storm, and my thanks and appreciation to everyone wh...
The response of the electricity company
Hurricane Matthew began its trek across the northwestern Bahamas a week ago. Electricity went out in parts of New Providence last Wednesday. The lights remain out for thousands of residents of our main island. Bahamas Power and Light, the state elec...
Another devastating storm
Hurricane Matthew made a direct impact to New Providence, the Berry Islands, Andros and Grand Bahama. These four places are now in varying states of disorder. The storm grew to Category 4 status with maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. It...
A catastrophic threat
Though we live in a hurricane zone and face threats nearly every hurricane season, the island of New Providence usually misses direct hits. That good fortune has led many island residents to think major storms will never come here. We assume it will ...
The preparation and response
Prime Minister Perry Christie and the government received much criticism last year for their response to Hurricane Joaquin. The relief effort was slow to begin. The government did not understand the magnitude of the damage soon&nb...
Another dangerous fall storm
A year ago Hurricane Joaquin devastated the southern Bahamas. Crooked Islands, Long Island, Long Cay, Rum Cay and San Salvador were hit hard. Tens of millions of dollars of damage resulted. There was no loss of life in The Bahamas, but, in waters jus...
Reform at Road Traffic
Bahamians were deeply concerned when the auditor general’s report tabled in Parliament in May revealed that motor vehicle license revenue was under-recorded by a minimum of $10 million, and license plate revenue was under-recorded by nearly $250,00...
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