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Crime’s unspoken victims
When we speak of tackling crime we must not be too shallow in our thinking. The knock-on, generational, effect of this epidemic of violence is exponential, emotionally, socially and economically. We cannot speak only in terms of lives lost, but must ...
FNM leader further weakened
With a new round of controversy engulfing the Free National Movement (FNM), Lanisha Rolle resigned from the Senate on Friday, claiming it was for personal reasons. The resignation came as a recorded conversation 
between her and Lincoln Bain, who i...
Prison reform must be a national priority
Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP), or the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services, is ob- solete. Built in simpler and more peaceful times, the country’s only correctional facility has seen its physical capacity simply overwhelmed by the harsh real...
It would help to say sorry
It will take a broad coalition to win the June 7 referendum. The support of members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and Free National Movement (FNM) will be needed in large numbers to pass the gender equality bills. Prime Minister Perry Chris...
Cruelty captured on video
A video is being shared on social media of the sexual abuse of an apparently developmentally disabled young woman. It is disturbing. The boys in the video act as if she is their plaything, keeping her detained to make a debased video of her undresse...
Fate of carnival linked to the election
The second Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is over. Many are still recovering after a weekend of frolicking. This will be an unproductive week for hardcore revelers. Many only took in a few hours of sleep between Thursday and Sunday, with more liquor than ...
The puppet and the puppet master
Dear Editor,   I serve as the lead person for the referendum education group Think, Bahamas! It is our view that public funds should not be used to fund referenda campaigns. However, if public funds are used, we believe they should be made ava...
A PLP MP pressing for leadership
Yesterday we received what we thought was an opinion piece from Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidate for Fort Charlotte Alfred Sears. We agreed to publish it. It is not that, though. It is a manifesto by Sears for leadership filled with new idea...
Turnout will be key to passage of gender equality bills
We think that a majority of Bahamians support the idea that men and women are equal and that they should be treated equally under the law. This majority has the power to pass these gender equality bills on June 7. The question is will the yes voters ...
Rejecting hate speech from an elected official
As you get older you realize it is often better to ignore foolishness spewed with little reflection. When this foolishness is spewed by a member of Parliament, however, we have to take note and respond. Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller, a member of the g...
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