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The numbers game: PLP repeating Bahamas Airways tragedy
It would be a national tragedy, an astounding lost opportunity, if the PLP legalized a private lottery further enriching a few, instead of a public lottery benefitting the mass of Bahamians, sadly reminiscent of The Bahamas Airways tragedy of the lat...
A country with no plan, pt. 1
Of late, when I hear any of our political leaders speak about the need for a national development or economic plan I am baffled. The prime minister and his deputy, along with the minister of the environment and a number of others in Parliament, have...
The essential reform
The next installment of the fiscal reform series that evaluates the successful implementation of value-added tax (VAT) by Singapore and New Zealand with a view to ascertaining if and what lessons The Bahamas can learn from their experiences as we voy...
The ideal governor general – part 1
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”– John Quincy Adams The Bahamas Constitution clearly defines our Parliament as comprised of "Her Majesty (who is represented by the governor ...
The choices of the powerful affect the weak
There are so many things that make the world a troubled place today, without any real solutions on the horizon. Were we as human beings living on a planet that was flat, maybe we would be able to see more solutions. Unfortunately, the earth is round...
The importance of value
During the Natural History Conference at The College of the Bahamas, one thing that stood out was the small numbers of young, black Bahamians attending and even fewer presenting. They, according to many of the students I polled, do not see it as bein...
From numbers banquet table, PLP to give scraps to the poor
We appear on the verge of an extraordinary betrayal of the Bahamian people, made even more heart-wrenching because it is at the hands of our very own, not those of slave masters and colonial rulers. It is a betrayal of various core principles of the...
The gathering storm in the Caribbean
Pretty soon, the meteorologists will designate the names and the number of the gathering storms that will inflict their damage on the paradise-like, but fragile and battered Caribbean. Coming from the continent of Africa, the wind that takes strength...
The fiscal reform series: A deeper dive into VAT
The analysis of the best taxation model and the appropriate mix of taxes for The Bahamas is far from over as we await the final study commissioned by the government and the results of the work done by Oxford Economics – a global advisory firm engag...
Has Cable Bahamas fulfilled its original mission?
It is axiomatic to suggest that a modern Bahamas requires modern infrastructure. We appreciate the need for a world-class airport in the capital and second city and that many airports in our islands must be updated to be aligned with the increasing t...
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